Thursday, March 5, 2015

First in a Cozy Series- A Wee Murder in my Shop

I always love when I find new books and new-to-me authors! This weeks First in a Cozy Series is by Fran Stewart called A Wee Murder in my Shop.  I am reading it now and it is really good. Released on March 3rd.


Hamelin, Vermont, isn’t the most likely place for bagpipes and tartan, but at Peggy Winn’s ScotShop, business is booming…

While on a transatlantic hunt for some authentic wares to sell at her shop, Peggy is looking to forget her troubles by digging through the hidden treasures of the Scottish Highlands. With so many enchanting items on sale, Peggy can’t resist buying a beautiful old tartan shawl. But once she wraps it around her shoulders, she discovers that her purchase comes with a hidden fee: the specter of a fourteenth-century Scotsman.

Unsure if her Highland fling was real or a product of an overactive imagination, Peggy returns home to Vermont—only to find the dead body of her ex-boyfriend on the floor of her shop. When the police chief arrests Peggy’s cousin based on some incriminating evidence, Peggy decides to ask her haunting Scottish companion to help figure out who really committed the crime—before anyone else gets kilt…

Follow this link and get it today you will not want to miss it. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Author Spotlight- Laurie Cass

Happy Wednesday! Today's Spotlight goes out to the delightful Laurie Cass. Laurie is the author of  A Bookmobile Cat mystery series. Her newest book is Borrowed Crime just released on March 3rd.

Laurie Cass

Laurie Cass grew up in Michigan and graduated from college in the 80's with a (mostly unused) degree in geology. She turned to writing in the late nineties. After a number of years in management, she felt the need to move on and took a job with fewer responsibilities. A month later, she was dead bored and began to consider writing as a way to wake up her brain. She started reading a lot of books on writing and happened across a particular sentence: "What's it going to be, reasons or results?"

The phrase practically stuck her in the eye. She printed it out, framed it, and put it next to her computer. "Reasons or results?" At the end of her life, was she going to have a pile of reasons for not having done anything? Or was she going to sit down and write a book? Once she started looking at it that way, the decision was easy. A short 13 years later, her first book was published.

Currently, Laurie and her husband share their house with two cats, the inestimable Eddie and the adorably cute Sinii. When Laurie isn't writing, she's working at her day job, reading, attempting to keep the flowerbeds free of weeds, or doing some variety of skiing. She also write the PTA Mysteries under the name Laura Alden.

You can find all of Laurie's book on amazon:

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cozy Mystery Book Release Day

Happy First Tuesday Mach 3rd ! And you all know what that means. The Cozies are here!! What a great month of reading this will be. Check it out.

Ladle to the Grave by Connie Archer
Murder, She Wrote: Aloha Betrayed by Donald Bain (paperback edition)
Suspendered Sentence by Laura Bradford
Assault and Pepper by Leslie Budewitz (First in a Cozy Series)
Borrowed Crime by Laurie Cass
Steeped in Evil by Laura Childs  (paperback edition)
Murder Ties the Knot by Christy Fifield/Christina York
How To Catch a Cat by Rebecca M. Hale
Horse of a Different Killer by Laura Morrigan
A First Date with Death by Diana Orgain  (First in a Cozy Series)
A Wee Murder in My Shop by Fran Stewart (First in a Cozy Series)
Dying for a Cupcake by Denise Swanson

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Don't you just love the covers and aren't the titles great? Which ones are you most looking forward to reading? 

Give a shout out here to this months authors! 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Flamenco, Flan and Fatalities by Mary McHugh

Mary McHugh's second book in the Happy Hoofers mystery series was released on Feb 24th. You will laugh your way through this fantastic read. The characters are hilarious and the story line will keep you moving through the pages until the end. Isn't this a great cover?

Book Description

 February 24, 2015
Murder is nothing to tap at. . . 

The high-kicking Happy Hoofers--Tina, Janice, Pat, Mary Louise, and Gini--have been booked to flaunt their fabulous flamenco footwork on a luxury train ride through northern Spain. But when a blowhard talk show host is found deader than four-day-old flan--with Gini as suspect numero uno--the feisty friends waste no time stepping into their sleuthing shoes to protect one of their own.

The dynamite dancers will have to step up their game before a clever killer brings the curtain down on one of them . . . for good!

Includes Photo Tips And Tasty Recipes

You don't want to miss this great book! It will have you reading all night long.

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up # 60

Happy Sunday and First day of March! It was a great week. Here is what you missed.

Feb. 23rd- Blog Tour- Follow your Neighbor by Rosalee Roland
Feb 24th- Blog Tour - Dang Near Dead by Nancy G. West
Feb 25th- Author Spotlight- Lucy Arlington
Feb 26th- First in a Cozy Series and Giveaway-  Lending a Paw by Laurie Cass
Feb.27th - Friday 56
Feb. 28th- Book Trivia hosted by Erika Chase

Books I've read:

Assault and Pepper by Leslie Budewitz
Flamenco, Flan and Fatalities by Mary Mchugh

Coming this week:

March 2nd- Cozy Book  Spotlight- Flamenco, Flan, and Fatalities by Mary McHugh
March 3rd- Cozy Book Release Day
March 4th-  Author Spotlight- Laurie Cass
March 5th- First in a Cozy Series- A Wee Murder in my Shop by Fran Stewart
March 6th- Blog Tour and giveaway- A Ghostly Undertaking by Tonya Kappes
March 7th- Book Trivia hosted by Connie Archer

Hope to see you here.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Cozy Book Trivia - Host Erika Chase

Happy last day in February! Today's book trivia host is the lovely Erika Chase! The winner will receive a copy of Book Fair and Foul (her latest book) Leave answers in the comments with email and on Sunday afternoon the winner will be announced.

Here we go and Good Luck!! 

1.  Ashton Corners is in what state?

2.  What is Lizzie Turner's job?

3.  Molly Mathews loves police procedurals while Bob Miller dotes on Agatha Christie. True or false?

4.  How many books are in the series?

5.  In Book Fair and Foul, The book club helps run  a) a spa weekend. b) a book festival, or c) a food fair?

6.  What food is incorporated into the official name of the book club?

7.  How many members are in the book club?

8.  How many cats does Lizzie have and what are their names?

The Ashton Corners Book Club Mysteries, Berkley Prime Crime
By Erika Chase
Agatha Award nominee

Erika Chase is Linda Wiken

Friday, February 27, 2015

The Friday 56

Happy Friday! What a great way to start the weekend with a fantastic read.

Product Details

"Ummm, don't you want to talk about what happened? Do you know what happened? With his chin still on his chest, he appeared to be looking at me over the top of his glasses- reprovingly- and that made me want to be accurate in my hedging. I know the end result."

Here is the link for the book: