Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Author Spotlight- Blog Tour- Marilyn Meredith

It is a pleasure to be part of Marilyn Meredith's blog tour. Marilyn is the Author of Murder in the Worst Degree.

Book Description

 April 2, 2014
Officer Gordon Butler is called to the scene of a body washed up on the beach, a new police chief makes changes, a rapist attacks two women, Ryan and Barbara Strickland’s baby is born, but he faces an even bigger test, Detectives Milligan and Zachary follow a twisted path of clues to find a killer in Murder in the Worst Degree.

“As always, all the plot lines are completed, and the ending is very satisfying. This is a great read and highly recommended.”
—Larry K. & Lorna Collins, author of The Memory Keeper
“doesn’t neglect the drama of her character’s lives in this most enjoyable short novel.”
—C.K. Crigger, author of Two Feet Below and Three Seconds to Thunder
“Another 5 stars for Meredith! I like this book because it deals realistically and humanely with true crises or opportunities...special needs children, Alzheimer’s Disease, end-of-life decisions, and balancing careers and marriage.”
—J.L. Greger, author of Ignore the Pain.

My Review:

I was asked to read and review this book for her blog tour and I'm glad I did, I really enjoyed reading this well- written, fast- paced whodunit! Marilyn pulls you in from the start and keeps you on the edge of your seat. The characters are great and after reading this one you feel like you know them more and are part of the plot. 

This is the first one I have read in this series and after reading it, I will be going back to the beginning of the series so I can enjoy it as a whole. 

Thank you for letting me be part of this tour.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Guest Post- Lynn Cahoon

I'm excited to have Lynn Cahoon with us today! It is time to get to know her a bit more. So grab a beverage of choice and join us.
Welcome Lynn, So glad you could be here!!

Five things you didn’t know
Hi, I’m Lynn Cahoon. I’ve been published in romance for a few years now, but Guidebook to Murder is my first cozy mystery. I’m so excited for you all to get to visit South Cove, a tourist town nestled between the mountains and the central California coast.
I thought I’d do an introduction first, like any proper guest. LOL
Five things you didn’t know about me.
1-I’m a six year breast cancer survivor. It was this fright that got me busy writing. I realized ‘someday” may not come.
2-I spent the first 4 decades of my life in the same place, more or less. Boise Idaho is known as the Treasure Valley and I have to say, I miss my mountains.
3-I used to work for the state with the welfare, food stamps and Medicaid programs. Those years have given me a love for research. Especially when it isn’t dry, technical law, rules, and regulations.
4-My second time, I married for love. The first, out of fear. Believe me, love is better.
5- I’m addicted to potato chips. One of my first pictures is of me as a toddler sitting on the step at our Nampa house the bag of chips in my hands.  I’m the reason Lay’s created their slogan, “I can’t eat just one.”

Now its Jill Gardner’s, my amateur sleuth in the Tourist Trap Mysteries, turn.
1-Jill used to practice family law in San Francisco before she burned out and bought Coffee, Books, and More in South Cove.
2-Jill’s only living relative is her Aunt Jackie.
3-Jill is fiercely loyal to friends and can hold a grudge pretty well too.
4-Jill’s never been married for love, and doesn’t plan on marrying again.
5-When you ask Jill what her favorite food is, she has to stop and think. She loves all food, especially Diamond Lille’s fish and chips. And loaded potato soup.  And dessert. Does she have to choose just one?
Now it’s your turn. What one thing don’t most people know about you?
In the gentle coastal town of South Cove, California, all Jill Gardner wants is to keep her store--Coffee, Books, and More--open and running. So why is she caught up in the business of murder?
When Jill's elderly friend, Miss Emily, calls in a fit of pique, she already
knows the city council is trying to force Emily to sell her dilapidated old house. But Emily's gumption goes for naught when she dies unexpectedly and leaves the house to Jill--along with all of her problems. . .and her enemies. Convinced her friend was murdered, Jill is finding the list of suspects longer than the list of repairs needed on the house. But Jill is determined to uncover the culprit--especially if it gets her closer to South Cove's finest, Detective Greg King. Problem is, the killer knows she's on the case--and is determined to close the book on Jill permanently. . .
Links –

Lynn Cahoon’s a multi-published author. An Idaho native, her stories focus around the depth and experience of small town life and love. Lynn’s published in Chicken Soup anthologies, explored controversial stories for the confessional magazines, short stories in Women’s World, and contemporary romantic fiction. Currently, she’s living in a small historic town on the banks of the Mississippi river where her imagination tends to wander. She lives with her husband and four fur babies.
Leave a comment I'm sure Lynn would love to hear from you!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Guest Post - Kari Lee Townsend

It is a beautiful Monday when Kari Lee Townsend us here!!! Get some coffee or tea and join us.

Thank you for being with us today Kari.

All in the Name of Research…

Authors are “unique” people. Many of us are visual. I know I am. I do a lot of research on the Internet. You would be amazed at all you can discover without ever leaving your home. Yet at the same time, I need to see things and do things in order to really be able to describe a scene and do it justice.
In my early romance novels, I would have my critique partner Barbara Witek come over and we would act out many scenes. For DESTINY WEARS SPURS I needed to see what it was like to rope a calf and mount a horse. No, I don’t have a calf or a horse in my living room, so yes, we roped and mounted each other. Then we noticed the blinds were open. The poor people out for an evening walk or driving by had to wonder what in the world we were doing.

For PROJECT PRODUCE I needed to see what produce would work for a psychology project my character was conducting. She needed to research how the size of a man’s Mr. Winkie affected his personality. So yes, my CP and I found ourselves in the produce section of the grocery store fondling and sizing up the pickles, cucumbers, and zucchinis. The poor produce manager asked me, “Can I help you?” To which I studied the size of his hands and feet, then replied, “You probably could, but I seriously don’t think you would want to.” The look on his face was priceless.

For SLEEPING IN THE MIDDLE my character’s friends dragged her to an adult “toy” store. She had never been, and frankly, neither had I. So of course I dragged my CP with me to an adult toy store in the city where we lived. We sat in the car, trying to get up the nerve to go in, when people started walking out with items wrapped in newspaper. We ducked down and watched for a while, then chickened out and went home. That was one bit of research that wasn’t going to be “hands on”.

I moved on to mysteries, thank goodness When I needed to research what it was like to carry a gun, spy through someone’s back window, and investigate, I put on a black leather jacket, grabbed my son’s air soft gun, a fake knife, a walkie talkie, and a notebook. Then I set up my camera and took pictures of myself posing with weapons and peeping through the window. Until I saw my neighbor standing on his patio, looking at me like I was nuts. I totally forgot he and his wife are both cops. Needless to say, I had a lot of explaining to do that day. I get into enough trouble with my critique partner around, but I get into more when left on my own.

For my FORTUNE TELLER MYSTERIES, I’ve had my tea leaves read, my palm read, my past life read, gone to a psychic fair, used a weegie board, and sat through a séance. I bought tea leaves, a crystal ball, and tarot cards. After researching the process online, I became the psychic, and my poor CP became my “victim”. She’s had tea leaves stuck in her teeth while trying to sip the water, her eyes strained while trying to see something…anything…in a crystal ball I made her stare at for far too long, and a headache from trying to make sense of tarot cards. I even dragged her along to a book signing once to demonstrate the process, only to have a huge line of people waiting to meet the real psychic. We barely escaped with our lives when they found out I only play one in my books.

For KICKING THE HABIT my character goes through a self-defense class after getting attacked. So of course I dragged my CP along to my neighbor’s house for a class she was holding. My neighbor is the real deal and as tough as can be. In fact, she is the self-defense instructor I used in that book. My poor CP ended up spraining her arm. I think we were the only ones who actually threw each other on the matt. And later, we acted out fight scenes. I’m surprised no one called the cops that day. You would have thought we were killing each other.

Lucky for her, PERIL FOR YOUR THOUGHTS was about a slightly OCD germaphobe fashion designer who has a freak accident that allows her to read people’s minds, but only through the power of touch—a total nightmare for someone like my character, yet a total relief for my CP. No acting out necessary for that one, just a lot of online research, watching episodes of Monk, and brainstorming ideas…all in the name of research ;)

To find out more about Kari and all of her books check out her website at

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up #15

Here is what happened this week:

April 19th Book Trivia - Nancy J. Parra

Books I've Read:

Death of a Mad Hatter by Jenn McKinlay
Burnout by Teresa Trent
Guidebook to Murder by Lynn Cahoon

Coming this week:

April 21st- Guest Post- Kari Lee Townsend
April 22nd-  Guest Post- Lynn Cahoon
April 23rd-Author Spotlight- Marilyn Meredith
April 24th- First in a New Series- Murder on Bamboo Lane
April 25th- Blog Tour- The Corpse and the Emerald Thumb
April 26th- Book Trivia- Sparkle Abbey

Hope to see you there!!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Book Trivia- Nancy J. Parra

Happy Saturday! Today's trivia is hosted by the Sensational Nancy J. Parra! All you have to do is answer these questions!

Here we go:

1.What type of bakery does Toni Holmes run?

2.Where is the Baker's Treat Mystery series set?

3.How many cousins does Toni have?

4.What is Grandma Ruth a lifetime member of?

5.What does Grandma Ruth's boyfriend, Bill Aimes, do for a living?

6.What television character does Officer Emry remind Toni of?

7.Extra points if you can tell me Kip's favorite gluten free recipe is.

The one with the most correct will win!! Here is the prize: A copy of each of these books!!Don't you just love it!!

Gluten for Punishment Murder Gone A-Rye


Friday, April 18, 2014

About a Book by Shelley Giusti

I wrote this the other day  and my friends Dru Ann and Lisa were so kind to read it and give me there thoughts about it.  It is a passion of mine and I hope you like it.

About a Book

What is it about books that keep readers coming back for more, Is it the beautiful covers of the books that draw us to them, is it the thrill of anticipation in finding the one book that we want read and have to have? Do we like the adventure of meeting new people and visiting new towns even revisiting old towns that we have been to before. Is it about the people we meet with each turn of the page? Is it about a love romance that we hope will happen? Do we like to solve the case before the end of the book.

For me it is all of these things. I love that books can take you to places you may never get to go. People you may never meet in real life become real to you in a book. I enjoy going along side of the main character and solving the case right there with them.  
I love the details the author paints of the towns and brings them to life for you as a reader to visit and become part of. You get to know each person and some you love and some not so much, but you get to know them still and want to know more even as the story ends.

I often imagine myself as part of the story I’m reading. Will I solve the murder before the sleuth does? I have even found myself say “ the answer to solving it is right here”. That is how involved with my books I get.  Will we figure it out  whodunit together? I picture myself in the town getting involved. It’s my own little reality world a way for me to escape life around me.

So every first Tuesday of the month you know that you will be visiting old friends and places and meeting new friends and going to new places, and no matter how things are going in the real world you can take a break from it and get lost in a book. Even if only for a moment.

I often imagine myself as part of the story I’m reading. Will I solve the murder before the sleuth does? I have even found myself say “ the answer to solving it is right here”. That is how involved with my books I get.  Will we figure it out  whodunit together? I picture myself in the town getting involved. It’s my own little reality world a way for me to escape life around me.

When I look at a bookshelf in my home I don’t see only books, I see old and new friends waiting for me to meet and visit with. Whether for coffee or tea, or murder, I enjoy the journey every step of the way. So the next time you pick up a book to read ,get to know the town and the people you may have a new friend who is there waiting for another visit.

The authors have a special way of pulling you into a story and making it a home away from home for you. They keep you hooked until the end and sometimes leave you with a cliffhanger that no matter how long you have to wait for the next one it will be worth it when release day comes.

I just wanted to share this piece with you.Hope you enjoyed it!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

First in a New Series- The Whole Cat and Caboodle

Happy Thursday! The Whole Cat and Caboodle by Sofie Ryan is a fun first!

 The Whole Cat and Caboodle (Second Chance Cat Mystery Series #1)

Book Description

 April 1, 2014

Sarah Grayson is the happy proprietor of Second Chance, a charming shop in the oceanfront town of North Harbor, Maine. At the shop, she sells used items that she has lovingly refurbished and repurposed. But her favorite pet project so far has been adopting a stray cat she names Elvis.

Elvis has seen nine lives—and then some. The big black cat with a scar across his nose turned up at a local bar when the band was playing the King of Rock and Roll’s music and hopped in Sarah’s truck. Since then, he’s been her constant companion and the furry favorite of everyone who comes into the store.

But when Sarah’s elderly friend Maddie is found with the body of a dead man in her garden, the kindly old lady becomes the prime suspect in the murder. Even Sarah’s old high school flame, investigator Nick Elliot, seems convinced that Maddie was up to no good. So it’s up to Sarah and Elvis to clear her friend’s name and make sure the real murderer doesn’t get a second chance.