Thursday, July 26, 2012

August 7th

Look what will be hitting the shelves at a bookstore near you on August 7th! Are they on your list? They are on mine!!

You wont want to miss these great reads!!!


  1. Nice, easy to read blog. I'm following you! If you want authors to interview, you might want to try the ones listed on my site under Contributors on the front page. Warmest regards

  2. There are a few more I'm looking forward to as well...Cleo Coyle's Brew to a Kill and Nancy Martin's No Way to Kill a Lady are both coming out this week. BTW, I love your blog and check it every day even if I don't post ;)

    1. Thanks Sue! I will add them to my Book Release Shout out list! Dont want to forget anyone. There are so many great reads coming out.


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