Friday, August 17, 2012

Dark Moon by Maggie Tideswell

Dark Moon by Maggie Tideswell


A spellbinding novel of love, murder, and the supernatural.
Chance meetings can have far-reaching effects. Loved ones may not be who they
seem. The line between comprehension and confusion is thin ~ particularly when one's thoughts are being manipulated by another.
In Dark Moon, the eternal triangle takes an innovative twist into the occult as dark magic fights against those who serve the Light.
The prize? A woman's soul.

My Review:

Dark Moon is Maggie Tideswell’s first novel and it is a good one. The beginning of it had a slow start as she introduced everyone but after that it was a keep you on the edge wanting to know what was going to happen next. Set in beautiful South Africa where Maggie lives. I liked how she paints the picture of Cape Town to pull you in as if you are right there. What an amazing read. She does not disappoint with this novel!

 Dark Moon is a Brilliant, luxurious love story filled with mystery, romance, suspense, sadness and magic. This amazing journey will keep you on the edge with its twist and turns until you reach the intense ending that will leave you surprised and shocked. As you get to know the character. Some you may like more than others but you see how they all tie together and make this story so unique. Will there be a murder? Will someone fall in love?  Will there be betrayal? Will there be a pregnancy? Pick up the book today and find out for yourself.

I gave this novel 4 out of 5 stars.

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