Thursday, September 13, 2012

Murder Your Darlings by J.J Murphy

One morning legendary wit Dorothy Parker discovers someone under Manhattan's famed Algonquin Round Table. A little early for a passed out drunk, isn't it? But he's not dead drunk, just dead. When a charming writer from Mississippi named Billy Faulkner becomes a suspect in the murder, Dorothy decides to dabble in a little detective work, enlisting her literary cohorts.
It's up to the Algonquins to outwit the true culprit-preferably before cocktail hour-and before the clever killer turns the tables on them.

Leave a comment if you have read this book! No Spoilers please! Tell us if you liked it and recommend it!!!


  1. I haven't read it but I want to. That's not the same thing, I know, but . . . it sounds exactly like something I'd love!

    1. Its on my list to read, the third on in this series comes out Dec 31st.


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