Friday, February 15, 2013

My Review of Buried in a Bog by Sheila Connolly

An EXCEPTIONAL read!!!!!

Sheila Connolly has done it again with this OUTSTANDING BOOK! Buried in a Bog is the first in this amazing new series and it is a must read for those who have ever wanted to visit Ireland.

Sheila is an amazing author and she really hit it with this book! The characters are loveable, the story has some twist and keeps you reading wanting to know more!

Maura Donovan leaves her life in Boston to Honor the wishes of her Gran and take a trip to Cork County Ireland.  After arriving in Ireland Maura is greeted by many that already know who she is and what she is doing there. Sullivan’s pub is one of her stops, where she meets Rose Sweeny. Maura is not convinced she is old enough to work there but maybe things are different in Ireland. Then she meets Mick, who takes her to meet her Gran’s friend Bridget Nolan. Bridget has known her Gran a long time and after there visit tells Maura there is a car for her so she can get around on her own. She meets Ellen who becomes her landlady, where she has a room in her house.

What she doesn’t expect is coming upon a murder. She sees the police bring a body out of the bog. And that sends her into a whole new adventure in Ireland. Who is the person from the bog? How did they get there? Who killed them? All things and more that she wanted answers too. Then another murder takes place and someone tries to Kill Maura, she is really not sure what to do. Why would someone want to kill her? Find out the answer to these and more in Buried in a bog by Sheila Connolly!

Thank you Sheila for another GREAT READ!!!!!!

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