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Saturday Fun with Kari Lee Townsend

Do you all know her new book was released on March 5th, its called TROUBLE IN THE TAROT!! Did you get it? What a great read!

Kari is joining us today to talk her book! SO grab some tea or coffee and join us. We would love to hear from you!

Good Morning Kari,  Thank you for visiting with us today. It is a great pleasure to have you here!

Overview of Trouble in the Tarot:

TROUBLE IN THE TAROT (book 3 of the Fortune Teller Mysteries – March 5, 2013)
For psychic Sunshine Meadows, sometimes fortunes can be deceiving…

Lately Sunny has been experiencing a period of big opportunity: her business in Divinity, New York, is thriving, and Detective Mitch Stone has finally agreed to take Sunny on a date. But thanks to her clairvoyant abilities, Sunny knows better than anyone that life deals out bad cards along with the good.

When Sunny agrees to read tarot cards at the annual summer Solstice Carnival, she meets her Granny Gert’s “arch nemesis” Fiona Atwater, and is overcome by a vision of Fiona in a violent argument. Sunny knows trouble is brewing when Granny and Fiona start having squabbles all over town. But the fighting comes to a head when a local baker gets run over by a big white Cadillac—and Granny and Fiona are found at the crime scene.

Sunny knows she should step aside and let Mitch handle the investigating, but she’s not about to ignore her visions and leave her granny’s life in fate’s hands…

Getting to know Kari:
Tell us about yourself.

I've been married for 23 years and have four children. Three teenage boys and a ten-year-old Diva. I have my masters in English Education but get to live my dream by working from home writing books. I write mysteries and mysterious teen adventures under Kari Lee Townsend, as well as romance novels and women's fiction under the name Kari Lee Harmon.
How did you come up with this series?

I've always loved everything paranormal. When Berkley Prime Crime liked my writing and wanted to know if I had any other cozies, I searched their site and wrote down all the themes and then came up with three ideas they didn't have.My editor picked the one she liked best. I didn't want Sunny to be just any psychic. I thought it would be cool if she had an actual fortune-telling business and if each book focused on a different fortune-telling tool. Throw in an immortal cat and let the fun begin.
What are you working on Next?

My second Comfort Club book, To Have and To Hold, comes out in April. My third Digital Diva book, Let Freedom Ring, comes out in July. And then my fourth Fortune Teller Mystery, Peril in the Palm, will come out in November. Crazy busy, but I love it!
What was the hardest part to writing this series and the easiest?

The hardest part in writing this series is that I am not really psychic or a fortune teller. I have to do a lot of research to make sure I get my facts straight when it comes to the process. The problem is the process usually varies so I usually come up with Sunny's method by combing several. The easiest part for me is writing the characters and the dialogue. I love fun, quirky characters and lots of humor.
If you could have a dinner date with any character in any book who would it be and where?

That one's easy. Granny Gert, hands down. She's based on my real-life deceased grandmother Gertrude. I would have it take place in her kitchen, sitting at her table and eating cookies out of her orange pumpkin cookie jar. Oh, the tales we would tell...
Thanks Kari, I am so excited and love this series!

Thanks for having me. I love writing this series :-)
Kari Lee Townsend ~
National Bestselling Author ~ Reviewers' Choice & Agatha Nominee
The Fortune Teller Mysteries
A Golden Duck Award Nominee
The Digital Diva Series
also writing romance as Kari Lee Harmon

Kari Lee Townsend lives in central New York with her understanding husband, her three busy boys, and her oh-so-dramatic daughter :-) She is the National Bestselling Author, Agatha & RT Reviewer's Choice Award nominee for her Fortune Teller Mystery series. Kari also writes romance under the name Kari Lee Harmon. Small towns, mystical elements, quirky characters and a few chuckles along the way are what her books are all about. To find out more about Kari and all of her books, check out her websites at: &

Love this series Kari, can't wait for the next one to come!!!!!

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  1. Thanks Shelley! So glad you enjoyed the book. I just love writing this series. And good luck to everyone. I'll be giving away a copy of the book to one commenter :-)


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