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Angel Falls by Michael Paul Gonzales

Angel Falls by Michael Paul Gonzales

Book Description

March 16, 2013
It's been rough lately for the Lord of Darkness, with ex-girlfriend
drama rearing its head at inconvenient moments, ancient gods
 returning to take over the universe, and Satan's own unstoppable
 laziness. But whatever.

Satan is okay, and he thinks you're okay, too. This whole eternal damnation
thing is all a bit of a misunderstanding.

He runs Hell as a resort, kind of. A vacation spot.
The point is, he's not a bad guy. He's trying to save
Heaven and all of creation, and he only has a dimwitted
giant, a surly waitress, and a monkey to help him.
So, a thank you might be nice. Maybe buy him a cup
of coffee next time you see him. And you will see him.

It's the Apocalypse, and all that.


My Review
I thought this book was very well written, excellent, humor, fun and wondering what happens to you when you die.

The characters in this story are fun and great to meet on this journey across this strange crazy land, there you will meet along the way , Eve who is the cook at Garden of Eatin Diner and there there is a Monkey and Goliath and of course Lenny.

They all are part of a search to find out who stole the lightbringers balls and with the help of Aspen and Cain and Able their journey begins.

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  1. So glad you enjoyed the book, Shelley! Thank you for joining us on this tour and for taking a moment to cross-post when you have the time!



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