Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Price McNaughton is with us today!

Good Morning Price, Thank you for being here today with us.
Tell us about yourself.
I don't know where to start! I'm a southern girl in my twenties. I enjoy writing and traveling. I've always raised, ridden, and worked around horses and so a southern based mystery featuring horses was right up my alley.

How did you come up with this book and the hero/heroine?

I was recovering after a horseback riding injury and it just came to me. I found myself "visiting" the community along with Jinx and I pictured it as a spooky place. The mystery continued to grow and develop as time went on.

What are you working on Next?

 I'm working on two projects right now. I want to write a sequel to my first book, A Vision of Murder, and I'm writing a dystopian trilogy
What was the easiest and hardest thing to write about this book?
The easiest part was describing the community, characters, and riding scenes. The hardest part was definitely the death of one (or more!) of the characters.
Who or what inspired you to write?

 I would have to say that my parents inspired me. I also read a lot over the years and that is always inspiring.

If you could have dinner with two characters from any novel who would they be and why?

 Merry and Pippin from The Lord of the Rings. I just loved them in the books and they seem like my kind of people!


When Jinx Delaney accepted her friend’s, Brynn Brookefield, invitation to spend the summer with Brynn and her family she expected a relaxed, fun, horse-filled getaway that would hopefully help her find direction and get her life back on track. However, upon her arrival at the Brookefield’s exclusive community, she begins to suspect that not everything is as perfect as the members of the wealthy, picturesque neighborhood would like her to believe. Jinx finds herself embroiled in a web of suspense and deceit as a series of grisly crimes sweeps through the community, revealing dark secrets and tearing apart the residents’ seemingly perfect lives. As neighbor turns against neighbor, Jinx begins to realize that when it comes to high society, murder really is ugly.
Set against a backdrop of a historic, Old South community and a high class horse barn, McNaughton weaves a riveting tale of murder and suspense, filled to the brim with twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the end, while skillfully painting the ironic tale of a community whose beauty lies only skin deep.

Author bio:

Price McNaughton was born and raised in a small town in Tennessee. A childhood steeped in the stories and legends of her ancestors, as well as the Southern way of life, led her to carry on the tradition and become a storyteller herself. After years of traveling and working at a variety of jobs, she has finally returned to her roots and devoted herself to writing. Although McNaughton loves almost all genres, she has always found herself drawn to mysteries. She has also always enjoyed riding and working with horses and likes to incorporate them into her literary works when possible. Price McNaughton currently lives on a farm in the country, happily surrounded by her beloved equine companions. She is the author of A Vision of Murder and Murder is Ugly.

Thank you!
Price McNaughton
Author of A Vision Of Murder

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