Friday, May 17, 2013

Grannies, Guns and Ghosts by Madison Johns

A Warm welcome to Madison Johns, her new book Grannies, Guns, and Ghosts is out and it is definatly worth reading!!!!



Book Description

April 4, 2013 An Agnes Barton Mystery
Senior snoop, Agnes Barton, has taken up residence in a Winnebago at a campground in East Tawas, Michigan. It’s not the ideal place for a woman of seventy-two to live, but she’s making do. She had planned to start a detective agency with partner in crime, Eleanor Mason, but a snag with the license has them free wheeling it, not that it matters because they are the ones folks call when dead bodies turn up. A frantic phone call has Agnes and Eleanor racing to the scene of yet another crime scene. Herman Butler has fallen to his death from a third story window, and the widow, Betty Lou, is besides herself with either grief or competing for the Oscars, and it’s up to Agnes and Eleanor to unravel the mystery, which gets more interesting when a ghost is listed as a possible suspect. This time around, Agnes and Sheriff Peterson can agree, the widow is nuts, but wait, a few days later the ghost ship, Erie Board of Trades, was spotted off the shores of Lake Huron. Ghost hunters, G.A.S.P., hightail it into town, and East Tawas is overrun with ghost sightings. Agnes and Eleanor must sort fact from fantasy before another body is found or a curse is realized.



My review:

This book was so fun to read! With it's Witty charm and humor it was very entertaining and would recommend highly.

Aggie and Eleanor are sweet eldery ladies and have been asked to help solve a murder in their town.Herman Butler has fallen to his death but they are not convinced it was an accident. Now they need to solve the case before more people take the fall.

 They run into Gypies, have to chase Ghosts when one becomes the prime suspect and have issues with old flames and pink guns.  Check this book out today you will love it!




Amazon bestseller ~ Armed and Outrageous.

Author Madison Johns early days weren't spent writing -- they were spent dreaming. Her vivid imagination ran wild and took her places only dreams could. She read books, tons of books, they were her only friends. As a child, Madison Johns preferred to distance herself from other children her age, and had been described as a dreamer. Even as a small child, she remembers staying awake many a night fighting dragons, whisked away to foreign lands, or meeting the man of her dreams. She was a voracious reader of historical romance in her teen years and has always wished to one day journey to England, France, Ireland, and Scotland

The writing bug bit her at the age of 44 and she pounded out four books since that time. As the publishing climate changed she took a risk and decided to self publish, first a collection of two horror short stories geared for YA, Coffin Tales Season of Death.

Madison's caring nature had led her to work in the healthcare field, where she was employed as a nursing care assistant at a nursing home, and it was there that she was inspired to write her first mystery, Armed and Outrageous, introducing amateur detective, Agnes Barton. The book depicts two elderly ladies digging up clues with enough laugh out loud antics to make James Bond blush.

In late April of 2012 she released her first novel, Armed and Outrageous and it went on to become the #1 senior sleuth on Amazon.

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Thank you for visiting today Madison!

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