Saturday, October 12, 2013

Big Numbers --Jack Getze book Tour

Austin Carr is funny and witty and on a mission to get his kids back. He will stop at nothing to do so. He is down on his luck and everything bad seems to happen to him. His marriage fell apart and he lost his money, he can't see his children and he has been evicted from his home. That is some luck.

When he is asked to do something that could help dig himself out of this life he has now. He starts to think it is a good idea although it is a shady idea and could cost him even more than what he has lost already. But it could also be a chance for him to see his kids again.

I love the character that is Austin Carr, through everything that has happened to him, he has held his ground and managed to make it through.

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  1. Thank you Shelley for being part of this tour!!!!

  2. Thanks for reading my tale, Shelley.

  3. This book has me intrigued. Would love to read it. Please enter my name in the giveaway. Thank you!!
    Barbara Thompson

  4. Austin sounds like a hardy soul -- stubborn to the point of tying his darnest to achieve his goal. I'm interested in reading his story - and how he solves his problem.



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