Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October Feature-- Nevada Barr

For the first part of October I will be featuring Nevada Barr's Anna Pigeon Novels and the Parks that are for each book. My dearest friend and her husband have since moved away and are on a trip to visit a few of the parks in her books. They are big fans of Nevada Barr so as a tribute to Nevada Barr and Nora and Terry I am doing this Feature.

Track of the Cat is her first book:

Anna Pigeon takes a job as a park ranger looking for peace in the wilderness-but finds murder instead.

and the Park is Gaudalupe Mountians National Park in Texas

Isn't that a Beautiful site? I am just now reading this series and am loving it so far. Have you read it or been to the parks?

Come Back on Friday for the Next book and Park.

1 comment:

  1. I have been to the Guadalupe National Park. Beautiful mountains and great hiking possiblities. I live in this part of the country and love our beautiful mountains even if it is desert landscaping.


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