Thursday, January 16, 2014

First in a New Series -- A Peach of a Murder

Happy Thursday! Livia J. Washburns first is A Peach of a Murder

A Peach of a Murder (Fresh-Baked Mystery Series #1)

Love the cover!


All year round, retired schoolteacher Phyllis Newsom is as sweet as peach pie-except during the Peach Festival, whose blue ribbon has slipped through Phyllis's fingers more than once...
Everyone's a little shook up when the corpse of a no-good local turns up underneath a car in a local garage. But even as Phyllis engages in some amateur sleuthing, she won't let it distract her from out-baking her rivals and winning the upcoming Peach Festival contest.
She and all the other contestants guard their secret, original recipes with their lives-and talk a whole lot of trash. With her unusual Spicy Peach Cobbler, Phyllis hopes to knock 'em dead. But that's just an expression-never in her wildest dreams did she think her cobbler would actually kill a judge. Now, she's suspected of murder-and she's got to bake this case wide open.

This first debuted on November 3rd 2006 and the series is on book 8 as of the recent one. Way to go Livia, this is such a yummy book and I have enjoyed the series and all the great characters in this book. 


  1. Thank you Shelley, I love the cover, too. That comes from the great talent of Jesse Reisch, the artist of all of the Fresh Baked Mystery series covers. I can't wait to see the cover for the one I'm presently working on.

  2. LOVE IT!!! I am definitely gonna read this book. LOVE cozy mystery! Had no idea you wrote them, Livia.

    1. I also had a mystery series called The Literary Tours. The first book was Frankly My Dear, I'm Dead. Love mysteries.

  3. Livia, you are so talented in so many areas. These covers are all awesome for this series, true, but it's the stories that are the true treasures! You do a wonderful job, as always.

    1. Thank you Cheryl. I appreciate your kind comments.


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