Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Author Spotlight- Mary Mchugh

Happy Wednesday! I am delighted to be spotlighting Mary McHugh today! Her book Chorus Lines, Caviar and Corpses comes out on November 4, 2014!!

I live in Chatham, New Jersey and spend as much time in New York City as I can. I love that city! My husband and I have a date every Friday and have lunch in the city and go to a movie. especially foreign films. I love Cape Cod and hope to live there some day and look at the ocean while I write away on my laptop. I love Paris and go there whenever I can. I studied there for a year when I was very young and I even like the French. I have a one-woman act based on "How Not to Become a Little Old Lady," which I perform for women's groups and I do my impression of bacon frying, share my chocolate and wine diet, show illustrations from this book and my other humor books, and do a little tap dance at the end. I have a daughter who lives on Mercer Island, Washington and three grandsons who are perfect. My life is very full and I love talking to other writers.

You can preorder her book here:


  1. Works for me, especially the diet! :-)

  2. Chocolate an wine diet sounds like something I should try.

  3. I live in new Jersey to. Would love to read. (Cathi Turnbull)

  4. I could do a chocolate diet!

  5. I need a diet desperately after being confined with illness for 9 months now and no exercise at all. Wine is fine, but chocolate is superior at least when you aren't thirsty. hehe This sounds like such a great story.

    Thanks for the wonderful write up.



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