Saturday, September 20, 2014

Book Trivia hosted by Dean James

It's time for book trivia and today's host is Dean James!!

Here we go! GOOD LUCK!!!!

1.     What is the name of the bookstore in Athena?

2.    Name three mystery authors whose books Charlie mentions he’s reading in the series.

3.    What is the first name of Azalea Berry’s sister?

4.    What literary character does Charlie portray for the gala fundraiser in Out of Circulation?

5.    What is the name of Charlie’s boarder?

6.    What is the name of the owner of the French bakery in Athena?

7.    Who owns the bookstore in Athena?

8.    What is the name of the auditorium at Athena College where Laura and her students are rehearsing in File M for Murder?

The prize for trivia is.. 

an unabridged audio of either Out of Circulation or The Silence of the Library.


  1. I read these and love this series so I won't enter the contest.... Take care!

  2. I'm afraid I've only read the first in this series, although I own a few more.

  3. I've read every book in this's one of my absolute favorites and I would love to own an audio version of one of the titles. Just off the top of my head: Charlie's boarders are Justin and Stewart, and the owner of the bakery is Charlie's girlfriend Helen Louise.


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