Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cozy Book Release Day

Happy First Tuesday and you all know what that means! BOOKS, BOOKS and more BOOKS!!!!
All of these book are out today and they are AMAZING!!! 

Murder of a Needled Knitter by Denise Swanson 
The Wolfe Widow by Victoria Abbott
Groomed for Murder by Annie Knox 
Fat Cat at Large by Janet Cantrell ( First in a New Series)
Death is like a Box of Chocolates by Kathy  Aarons ( First in a New Series)
The Skeleton takes a Bow by Leigh Perry
Caught Dead Handed by Carol J. Perry ( First in a New Series)
The Wedding Soup Murder by Rosie Genova
To Fudge or not to Fudge by Nancy Coco
Nightmares can be Murder by Mary Kennedy (First in a New Series)
Rebel without a Cake by Jacklyn Brady
Marked Down for Murder by Josie Belle

Murder of a Needled Knitter: A Scumble River Mystery The Wolfe Widow Groomed For Murder: A Pet Boutique Mystery Fat Cat At LargeDeath Is Like a Box of Chocolates The Skeleton Takes a Bow Caught Dead Handed The Wedding Soup Murder: An Italian Kitchen Mystery To Fudge or Not to Fudge Nightmares Can Be Murder Rebel Without a Cake Marked Down for Murder 

Don't you just love the covers!! 

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