Saturday, November 1, 2014

Book Trivia- Hosted by Peg Cochran

It's time for trivia and our lovely host is Peg Cochran! The prize is Murder Unmentionable (first in my Sweet Nothings Lingerie series as Meg London) or the e-book Unholy Matrimony from my Lucille series--winner's choice. 

Here we go:

Questions about Iced to Death:
1.       What kind of car does Gigi’s sister Pia buy? 

2.       What is the name of Sienna’s baby?  

3.       What is Declan’s last name? 

4.       What kind of hairstyle does Pia have? 

5.       What is the name of Detective Mertz’s cat? 

6.       Where was Pia before coming to Woodstone?  

7.       What is the name of the CEO of the food company that wants to market Gigi’s frozen dinners?

Leave your answers in the comments and email! Winner will be chosen Sunday Afternoon! 

Good Luck



  1. This is a great series...
    1. VW van
    2. Camille
    3. McQuaid
    5. whiskers
    6. artist commune in south England
    7. Victor Branston

  2. Oops - forgot my email..... afarage(at)


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