Book Trivia - Terrie Moran

Happy Valentines Day! I am so thrilled to have a great author and friend host today. The Lovely Terrie Moran is here. One lucky person will receive a signed copy of Agatha Award nominated Well Read, Then Dead and a matching tee shirt.

Here we go. Good Luck!

1. What is the name of the café bookstore that Sassy Cabot and Bridgy Mayfield own in Fort Myers Beach, Florida?
2. Although messy in the kitchen, Aunt Ophie is an excellent cook. When it comes to baking, her specialty is what kind of pie?
3. What did Miguel break in the very first chapter?
4. Thomas Smallwood is an itinerant handyman who makes gorgeous shell jewelry. What is his nickname?
5. And speaking of nicknames, how did Mary Cabot come by the nickname Sassy?
6. What is the name of the black Maine Coon cat that Miss Augusta and Miss Delia found in Bowditch Point Park?
7. Miss Augusta Maddox has a fondness for a certain brand of corn likker. Do you remember the brand?
8. Sassy is extremely suspicious of a man who comes into the café and she refers to him by the type of hat he wears. What kind of hat?

Not part of the contest, just for Valentine’s Day fun if you could choose a love interest for Sassy, would it be Sheriff’s Lieutenant Frank Anthony or newspaper reporter Cady Stanton?

Here is the awesome prize:


  1. I love literary t-shirts (and books). Fingers crossed for a Valentine's win...since I don't get Valentine's presents. Unfortunately, this book is on my TBR pile, so I'll be guessing some of the answers-though I knew the first one right off the bat!

    1. Read ’Em and Eat
    2.Buttermilk pie (since you include that recipe-seems like a good guess to me!)
    3. Since it's Valentine's Day I'll say Miguel broke someone's heart. But he really broke his leg, and some crockery.
    4. Skully
    5. Her middle name is Sassafrass (oh my)
    6. Midnight?
    7.Ole Smoky, Ole Smoky Distillery?
    8. Bowler ?

    I'll give the Sheriff the nod as a love interest!

  2. 1. Read 'Em and Eat
    2. Buttermilk Pie
    3. His leg
    4. Skully
    5. Her middle name is Sassafras
    6. Bow
    7. Buffalo Trace corn whiskey
    8. Bucket Hat
    9. Right now, I am thinking Lieutenant Frank Anthony

  3. 1. Read ’Em and Eat
    2. Buttermilk Pie
    3. His leg (and broken crockery)
    4. Skully
    5. Her middle name is Sassafras
    6. Bow
    7. Buffalo Trace corn whiskey
    8. (Faded Green) Bucket Hat

    I would pick Lieutenant Frank Anthony as the love interest

    Thank you


  4. WInner is Jen Scott!! Congratulations!

  5. Thank you Shelley and Terrie! :)


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