Book Trivia- Hosted by Edith Maxwell

I am delighted to have Edith Maxwell as our host today! Let's play trivia!  Leave answers and email in the comments for a chance to win  a gorgeous Edith Maxwell Author mug to the winner, and I throw in an ARC of FARMED AND DANGEROUS, too.

Good Luck!

Thanks so much to Shelley for inviting me to host Quiz Day. To help get excitement going for FARMED AND DANGEROUS, Local Foods Mystery #3 (due out May 27 and available for preorder, hint-hint!), let's talk about Cam Flaherty and her farm. These are general questions about the series, and if you're read either of the two books currently out, you should get the answers. I'll send a gorgeous Edith Maxwell Author mug to the winner, and I throw in an ARC of FARMED AND DANGEROUS, too.

1. A number of club members are some of Cam's most enthusiastic customers. What is the name of the club?

2. Why did Great-uncle Albert have to stop farming, thus giving Cam the farm?

3. Who is the fourteen-year old in the book, and why do she and Cam get to know each other?

4. What was Cam's profession before she became a farmer?

5. Where does the series take place?

6. What is one of Cam's main areas of difficulty in her life?

7. Who is the tumultuous chef in Cam's life, and where is he from?

8. What kind of cat is Preston?

9. What kind of farming does Cam practice?

Good luck! I hope you'll look for my other series, too: the Country Store Mysteries, written as Maddie Day (Flipped for Murder releases in October of this year); the Lauren Rousseau Mysteries, written as Tace Baker; and the historical Carriagetown Mysteries, with the first book out in2016. Thanks so much.

Edith Maxwell

Agatha-nominated and Amazon best-selling author

'Til Dirt Do Us Part. Kensington Publishing, 2014
Bluffing is Murder. (Written as Tace Baker), Barking Rain Press 2014
Flipped for Murder. (Written as Maddie Day), Kensington Publishing, 2015
Breaking the Silence. Midnight Ink, 2016


  1. 1 Produce Plus Plus
    2 He became disable due to losing his leg
    3 Ellie; she is working on her Girl Scout Locavore Badge.
    4 Software Programmer
    5 On an Organic Farm in Westbury, Massachusetts
    6 She is an introvert
    7 Jake and he is from Sweden
    8 Norwegian Forest Cat
    9 Organic

  2. These books are in my TBR pile but I do know that Preston is a Norwegian Forest Cat because he visited my blog :) The cover of Farmed and Dangerous is gorgeous and I can't wait for your new series too!

  3. 1 The Westbury Locavore Club
    2 He lost his leg
    3 Ellie Kosoloski: She is a Girl Scout working on her (Girl Scout) Locavore Badge.
    4 Computer Programmer
    5 Westbury, Massachusetts
    6 She is an introvert
    7 Jake Ericsson; a Swedish chef (Sweden)
    8 Norwegian Forest Cat
    9 Organic Farm-Share


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  5. Congratulations to Shawn! You won an ARC of Farmed and Dangerous and a fabulous Mug!


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