Saturday, March 28, 2015

Book Trivia hosted by Sharon Pape

Happy Saturday! It's time for trivia and our lovely host is Sharon Pape! Leave answers in the comments and email for a chance to win a copy of one of her books(your choosing).

Here we go and good luck:

Based on Sketcher in the Rye, the fourth book in my Portrait of Crime Mysteries

1. When he was alive, where did Zeke Drummond work as a federal marshal?
2.  Who found the accountant’s body in the corn maze?
3.  What was Rory McCain’s job when she worked for the police?
4.  Eloise, Rory’s elderly neighbor, always asked for what treat?
5. Who was Celeste?
6.  Why was Celeste’s name in Rory’s family bible?
7.   What does Rory’s new boyfriend, Aaron, do for a living?
8.   Who winds up saving Aaron’s life?

Have fun!


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  3. 1. Federal Marshal for the Arizona Territory.
    2. Hobo was the first on the scene, followed by Rory.
    3. Sketch Artist
    4. I'm going to guess brownies
    5. Celeste was Zeke's wife
    6. She had been sent to live with Rory's ancestors by her father
    7. Pediatrician
    8. I'm going to guess Hobo


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