Saturday, April 25, 2015

Book Trivia hosted by G.A. McKevett

Happy Saturday! Today's trivia host is the lovely G.A. McKevett  author of the Savannah Reid Series. Leave answers in the comments with email and the winner will receive a copy of Killer Gourmet and a homemade book mark!

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Here we go and Good Luck!

1. What state is Savannah Reid originally from?
2. How many siblings does she have (not including her)?
3. Who raised her?
4. What job did she hold before she became a private detective?
5. What are her pets and their names?
6. What sort of car does she drive?
7. How did she meet Dirk Coulter?
8. What town does Savannah live in?
9. What brand of firearm does Savannah carry?
10. How many Savannah Reid Mysteries have been published as of April 25, 2015?


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  2. 1. Georgia

    2. 1

    3. Granny Reid

    4. Police Officer




    8. San Carmelita


    10. 19

    I didn't know most of these as I've never read this series. But I got a few of them figured out!

  3. I've never read the series so i dont know :( . It looks like a really good book though!!! I could guess some answers but I kinda feel like thats cheating since I havent read it.

  4. 1. Georgia
    2. 8
    3. Granny Reid
    4. Police detective
    5. Two cats, Cleopatra and Diamante
    6. Mustang
    7. They were coworkers.
    8. San Carmelita
    9. Beretta
    10. 20

    l e x e l o t (AT) yahoo (DOT) com

  5. This is one of my all time favorite series. Savannah is a protagonist that I can completely relate to. This was one of the original series that got me hooked on cozies.

    1. She is originally from Georgia.
    2. Savannah has 8 siblings. Marietta, Vidalia, Waycross, Jessup, Alma, Macon, Cordelle and Atlanta.
    3. Granny Reid raised her.
    4. Savannah was a police detective for the San Carmelita Police Department.
    5. She has two black cats. Named Cleopatra & Diamante.
    6. Her car is a classic 1965 Mustang.
    7. Savannah was partners with DIrk at the police department.
    8. She lives in San Carmelita.
    9.The firearm she carries is a Beretta.
    10. Killer Gourmet is the 20th book in the series.

    scouts579 (at) aol (dot) com

  6. 1-Georgia
    2-8 siblings
    3-Granny Reid
    4-police detective for San Carmlita
    5-2cats, diamante and Cleopatra
    6-65 Ford Mustang
    7-They were partners at the police department
    8-San Carmelita

  7. Winner is Lexie A Congratulations!!


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