Saturday, April 4, 2015

Book Trivia hosted by Julie Mulhern

Happy Saturday! It's time for book trivia and today's lovely host is Julie Mulhern. The person with the most correct answers will win an e-book copy of The Deep End. Leave answers and email in the comments.

Here we go. Good Luck!

1. What is Ellison’s maiden name?

2. What is Detective Jones’ first name?

3. What does Ellison’s brother-in-law do for a living?

4. What kind of dog is Max?

5. Ellison has a theory as to why her marriage collapsed. What is it?

6. What kind of car does Roger Harper drive?

7. What plants are featured in Ellison’s perennial border?

8. Finally, Detective Jones or Hunter Tafft?

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  1. 1. Walford
    2. Anarchy
    3. Art broker
    4. Weimaraner
    5. Ellison started making more money than Henry
    6. Jaguar
    7. Hostas
    8. Detective Jones

    1. Forgot my email: ElaineE246(at)msn(dot)com


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