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Interview and Giveaway with Laura Childs

I am so thrilled to have the delightful Laura Childs here. She has a fantastic new book in the Tea Shop Mystery series out called Ming Tea Murder. Just released on May 5th.  Laura is giving away two copies of Ming Tea Murder. Do you tea? What is your favorite tea? Do you have a favorite Tea dessert? Have a favorite teapot and cup? Post a picture if you like. Leave a comment with email for a chance to win.

Grab a pot of tea and your favorite tea cup and join us for an amazing interview.

Don't you just love the cover?

My review:

Murder and mayhem takes place in the newest yea shop mystery that has Theodosia Browning and her crew steaming.  There is a lot to do before the Chinese Gala and the last thing they need is a murder. Theo wants to try and find out who the killer is before they find her. Some one is determined to stop her from sleuthing. 

This fast paced page turner will have you steeped from the beginning. A Cast of characters and a story so well written you won't want it to end. I love this series and am eagerly waiting to see what Theodosia will find herself into next. 

Grab a pot of tea and your favorite tea cup and join us for an amazing interview. 

It is such a pleasure to have you with us today Laura. I am a huge fan of this series and Loved this book.

S.G. Tell us about yourself?

L.C. I’m a Diet-Coke addicted workaholic who loves chocolate, books, French wine, and movies.  I live with Dr. Bob (my professor husband) and my 2 Chinese Shar-Pei dogs on 2 acres of woods and ponds.  We travel, collect art, and enjoy fine dining.  (Well, maybe not the dogs.)

S.G. Book 16 in the Tea Shop Mystery series is soon to be released.  What inspired you to write this series from book one?

L.C. It was the perfect storm.  Tea was becoming amazingly popular, tea shops were popping up like errant mushrooms, and a tea mystery had never been done before.  My entire background is in marketing – helping clients launch new products and figure out timing – so I knew this was clearly the moment to jump in.

S.G. What has been the most fun throughout the years of writing these books?

L.C. The most fun is when the books are released and my fairly long, solitary days are interrupted by a flurry of excitement.  I love doing the book signings, appearances, guest blogs, tea parties, etc.  When I do a book launch, I even bake scones and make tea sandwiches for my guests!  Oh, and it’s always a kick when one of my books makes the New York Times bestseller list.

S.G. Can you give us a sneak peek on what you are working on next and will there be more Tea Shop Mysteries to come?

L.C. Right now I’m working on DEVONSHIRE SCREAM.  It’s the next Tea Shop Mystery, so, yes, there will be lots more Tea Shop Mysteries to come.  Besides, I have all these wonderful book titles that incorporate different tea varieties and I need to use them!

S.G. How did Theodosia Browning come to life?

L.C. For some reason, the character of Theodosia sprang to life with barely a second thought.  She just emerged in the first paragraph of the first book, practically fully formed.  I knew what she looked like, what her literary “voice” would be, what her background was.  That’s the amazing thing about fiction writing – you sit down, move your hands over the keyboard and magic happens.  Sometimes, writing for me is like watching a stage play – I just see it all happening in front of me.  My job is to write it down as fast as I possibly can!

S.G. I know you write other series as well, can you tell us a little about them?

L.C. My Scrapbook Mysteries are slightly edgier books that take place in New Orleans.  Carmela, my main character, owns Memory Mine scrapbooking shop in the French Quarter and is always getting in trouble with her friend, Ava, who owns the Juju Voodoo shop.

The Cackleberry Club Mysteries, set in the Midwest, are a tale of three forty-plus women who have all lost their husbands and run a cozy cafĂ© called the Cackleberry Club.  Eggs are the morning specialty here and they also have a Book Nook and Knitting Nest.  There’s lots of humor and a dash of spirituality.  

S.G. When you aren’t writing wonderful books for us to enjoy, what takes up your time?

L.C. I’m writing other books for you to enjoy.  Right now I’m working on FINDERS CREEPERS, the first book in a new hard-edged thriller series, as well as a children’s book and a movie script.

S.G. What three things do you want your readers to know about you?

L.C. I’m the former CEO of Mission Critical Marketing, a firm I started and headed for 15 years.  I wrote and produced 2 reality TV shows.  I’m addicted to Chanel bags and jackets.

S.G. Do you have a favorite tea and why is it your favorite?

L.C. I adore a good Japanese green tea.  The emerald color, the vegetal taste, and the elegant history of that particular tea – it all comes together for me.

Laura Childs is the New York Times bestselling author of the Tea Shop Mysteries, Cackleberry Club Mysteries, and Scrapbook Mysteries, and a recent recipient of the Romantic Times Book Review’s Award for Best Amateur Sleuth.  In her previous life, she was CEO/Creative Director of her own marketing firm and authored several screenplays.  She is married to a professor of Chinese art history, loves to travel, and enjoys fund-raising for various non-profit organizations.


  1. I really like green tea and the Sleeptime" blends.

    kaye dot killgore at comcast dot net

  2. I like Earl Greg and a White and Green fusion. Thanks for the chance!

  3. I like to drink green tea for the health benefits. Ming Tea Murder sounds like a great book! Thank you for chance to win.

  4. I love Chai tea, hot or cold. It's an interesting flavor that keeps on giving.

  5. I'm a southern girl at heart love me some ice cold sweet tea.

  6. I love my cold sweet pea and I love to have a cup of peppermint tea every now and then. I would like to try more tea flavors. Thank you for the chance to win.

  7. I love tea. Hot or cold. I have so many favorites, one of them is blueberry yogurt. It is so good! Thanks for the chance to win.

  8. my favorite tea is ceylon; thanks for the chance to win :)
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  9. My favorite tea is cinnamon apple!

    skkorman AT bellsouth DOT net

  10. I love green tea. raquel36m(at)gmail(dot)com

  11. I am thrilled you have Laura here today and enjoyed the Q&A very much! Interested to hear she's branching out with another series and perhaps a children's book! My favorite tea changes a bit with the season, but I am partial to a good black tea anytime of year. Twinings English Breakfast is always good. Now that it's warmer out, I also really like the gentle flavor of Jasmine Green Tea. Thanks!

  12. I don't do tea very often, I used to more when I was able to experience cold winters. I don't have a favorite tea. Depends on the day and the weather. The book sounds great! I am going to have to look for the Cackleberry Club books too. Thanks for the interview!

    ElaineE246 at msn dot com

  13. Yes we do tea. I must have a dozen different types in the pantry, but our favorite is English Breakfast Tea. I'm also a huge fan of Laura's books and own a few in each of her different series's

    NoraAdrienne (at) gmail (dot) com

  14. Thanks for the giveaway! I'm not a tea drinker but I love Laura Childs' books!

  15. My favorite tea is lemon zinger. I love many teas and enjoy tea with scones. Laura Child's books are unique. Thanks for this lovely feature and giveaway. elliotbencan(at)hotmail(dot)com

  16. I love tea and drink it regularly. I collect teapots and pretty tea mugs and teacups. I have tea parties and love everything about enjoying tea. My favorite tea is Lady Grey and English Breakfast with a little half and half and sugar. My favorite tea desserts are little tea cookies or petite scones and cakes. I have a favorite tea cup. It has beautiful birds and flowers on it. I adore all of my teapots.
    I love the Tea Shop Mysteries series and have been watching for Ming Tea Murder's' release for some time now. That cover is AMAZING!! It's featured on my Pinterest tea board. Great interview. Ms. Childs is a busy lady. Thx for the giveaway opportunity.
    Lauigl [at] carolina [dot] rr [dot] com

  17. What a wonderful post. I drink only hot tea and love chamomile and lemon. When I drink tea I look forward to a treat, a brownie. Many thanks for this giveaway. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  18. I love all things tea...the different varieties, the china, the snacks. Earl Grey is probably my favorite. dmskrug3 at hotmail dot com

  19. I enjoy mild teas.

  20. I like hot tea and I like to read books by Laura Childs. Thank you.

  21. Thank you Shelley and Laura. I like hot tea, in winter, and LOVE iced tea, in summer. patucker54 (at aol dot com)

  22. I started drinking green tea for the health benefits several years ago. I'm still not a big tea drinker but I enjoy a cup or two of various green teas daily.

  23. I like trying a variety of teas, and have just (re)discovered sweet tea for the hot days. Don't know how I have missed this series but am correcting that now!

  24. I love tea as much as I love cozies! My daughter lived in China for almost a year. I was thrilled she brought me home a few tea sets & tea. Great interview! Working on a movie script? ?? Would love to see The Teashop Mysteries come to life. Thanks for the giveaway!
    Scouts579 (at) aol (dot) com

  25. tea, coffee and cozies! and I know that this is a cozy series I'll come back to :D I've read one and liked it :D

  26. This was a lovely interview. I have loved the tea series. My favorite tea is black tea and orange pekoe is just fine too. I get tea from China brought to me every time our daughter and son in law goes to China (two girls adopted and another trip to help a friend bring home her daughter, plus an additional trip to go to the orphanages for visits), so I get a lot of beautiful tins of tea that I can save for a long time and still have them be fresh. I love my bone china tea cups and saucers, but since we retired, I don't have room in our new retirement home for all of my cups at once, so I have to rotate them. My favorite is the one that my husband bought as a four piece set for our 25th anniversary. I love tea cups with purple flowers on them, and also ones with a yellow motif. I love a black one that also has flowers on a white section of the cup. I love to make scones to go with my tea when I have company come for breakfast or brunch as well.

    Thank you for the interesting updates today.

  27. I love hot tea! I prefer Earl Grey.

    lag110 at mchsi dot com

  28. Congratulations Lag and Dawn Fraizer


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