Book Trivia- Paige Shelton

Happy Wednesday! Its time for trivia and today's host is Paige Shelton. Paige is the author of the Farmers Market Mystery Series as well as the Country Cooking Mystery Series. Trivia is from A Bushel Full of Murder.

Have fun and Good Luck, The winner will receive a copy of A Bushel Full of Murder.


1. What is Becca’s cousin’s name?

2.What kind of food truck does Becca’s cousin operate?

3. What are the other food trucks visiting the market serving?

4. Who is the visiting police officer?

5. Where is the officer visiting from?

6. In which book is the visiting officer first introduced?

7. What’s the first name of the man who owns the black

8. What is Becca’s sister’s first name?

9. What are Becca’s parents’ first names?

10. What is Becca’s dog’s name?


  1. I'm afraid I haven't read this series-but I own the first book. It's on my massive TBR pile!

  2. 1. Peyton
    2. A box truck that she sells hot dogs from
    3. Paco's Tacos, Wings,
    4. Harry Lindon
    5. Arizona
    6. Red Hot Deadly Peppers
    8. Allison
    9. Polly and Jason
    10. Hobbit

    Okay, that's all I can do. Thanks for the trivia questions, I love this feature! It has just been so busy around here lately.

    ElaineE246 at msn dot com

  3. 1. Peyton is Becca’s cousin.
    2. Becca’s cousin operates a gourmet hot dog food truck.
    3. Other food trucks visiting the market serve cupcakes, tacos,
    chicken wings, and more.
    4. Harry Lindon is the visiting police officer.
    5. The visiting officer is from Arizona.
    6. The visiting officer first introduced in Red Hot Deadly Peppers.
    7. Don’t know this answer … the question “What’s the first name of the
    man who owns the black …” isn’t complete.
    8. Allison is Becca’s sister.
    9. Polly and Jason are Becca’s parents.
    10. Becca’s dog’s name is Hobbitt.

    Love these trivia contests!!


  4. Winner is Peggy! Congratulations!!

  5. Winner is Peggy! Congratulations!!


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