Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Book Trivia- Carol Perry

It's time for trivia and this weeks host is Carol J. Perry. The prize is winner's choice Caught Dead Handed, Tails you Lose or Look Both Ways! Leave answers and email and winner will be chosen on Saturday January 23rd. Good Luck.

Witch City Mystery Trivia

1, When Lee and Aunt Ibby inherited O’Ryan the cat from a dead witch, he had a different name. (At least it was spelled differently!) What was it?

2. Speaking of names, what was that dead witch’s name?

3. Many of the places mentioned in the Witch City books are real places in Salem. Lee and Aunt Ibby live on a real street there. What street do they live on?

4. Lee’s job as a TV psychic didn’t work out very well. What was her next job?

5. Lee’s friend River North reads the Tarot cards. But what is Lee’s special paranormal talent?

Carol J. Perry knew as a child that she wanted to be a writer. A voracious reader, whose list for Santa consisted mostly of book titles, she never lost sight of that goal. While living in Florida, Carol was on assignment for Southern Travel Magazine, preparing an article on the world’s largest sand castle which was being built near her home. That combination of events inspired her first young adult novel, Sand Castle Summer. That book was soon followed by half a dozen more.

Carol has always been an avid reader of mysteries. Her debut mystery novel is set in Salem and involves O’Ryan, a most mysterious cat, several witches and some strange Halloween happenings. Appropriately enough, this Salem-born author celebrates her birthday on Halloween Eve! Carol and her husband Dan live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida with two cats and a Black Lab.


  1. 1. Orion
    2. Ariel Constellation
    3. Winter Street
    4. Lee Barrett takes a new job teaching TV production in Salem’s newest school (the Tabitha Trumbull Academy of the Arts - aka The Tabby).
    5. Lee continues to explore her clairvoyant capabilities.

    Thank you for the fun trivia contest. I had a great time.

  2. 1. O’Ryan’s original name was Orion.
    2. Ariel Constellation is the dead witch.
    3. Lee and Aunt Ibby live on Winter Street.
    4. Lee’s new job is a guest/volunteer instructor at the Tabitha Trumbull Academy of the Arts.
    5. Lee is clairvoyant.

    Thank you for the chance to win one of Carol J. Perry's books!


  3. 1. Orion
    2. Gladys Renquist, A.K.A. Ariel Constellation
    3. They live on Winter Street (sounds like my kind of street)
    4. An instructor at the Tabitha Trumbull Academy of the Arts--known as "The Tabby"
    5. Her clairvoyant capabilities are bubbling to the surface...

    ElaineE246 at msn dot com

  4. Winner is Elaine!! Congratulations!!!


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