Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Author Spotlight- Kelly Lane

This week's spotlight goes to Kelly Lane. Kelly is the author of One Foot in the Grove.

Kelly Lane lives near Charlottesville, Virginia, and has worked as a writer, editor, and public relations professional. An active member of Sisters in Crime, she participates in professional writing groups and workshops. Kelly enjoys a Southern, agrarian lifestyle that includes preparing locally grown and artisanal foods for family and friends. At any given time, Kelly's pantry boasts more than a dozen kinds of olive oil, including delicious Georgia varieties. She'd be hard-pressed not to share with you a mouthwatering dish made with her favorite olive oils.


  1. Thanks for highlighting this author as a reminder to me! I was very intrigued with the Georgia setting, as I didn't realize olive trees/groves/oil would be from there. Peaches always come to mind first!

  2. I've been seeing this book and it looks very interesting. Thanks!


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