Thursday, March 31, 2016

Guest Post- Linda O. Johnston

I am thrilled to have Linda O. Johnston here with us today. Linda is the author of several book series that have brought hours of great reading.

I'm Linda O. Johnston, and I'm delighted to be guest blogging again on Shelley's Book Case!

So what do I want to blog about? Me, of course. And dogs. They're my loves, and the theme of lots of the books I write. I'm currently writing four series (yes, at the same time!) and three of them feature dogs. Well, canines, at least. One of the series is my paranormal romance miniseries for Harlequin Nocturne, and it's all about Alpha Force, a covert military unit of shapeshifters. Most of them shift into wolves, and all of those wolf shifters have cover dogs. The most recent Alpha Force story, Canadian Wolf, was the seventh in the series and I'm working on another one.

Then there are the two mystery series that I write for Midnight Ink. One is the Barkery & Biscuits Mysteries, about Carrie Kennersly, a veterinary technician. Carrie bought a friend's human bakery in the town of Knobcone Heights, California , and turned half into a barkery where she sells healthy treats she developed for patients at the veterinary hospital where she works. She has a dog of her own, too--a golden miniature poodle-terrier mix named, appropriately, Biscuit. And, yes, murders occur in Knobcone Heights and Carrie gets involved in solving them.

I also write the Superstition Mysteries that take place in Destiny, California , which is all about superstitions. Rory Chasen goes to Destiny with her dog Pluckie to check out the reality of superstitions after her fiancé died after walking under a ladder. When they first arrive, Rory learns that black and white dogs like Pluckie are good luck. How does she learn that? Well, Pluckie insists on going into the back room of a pet boutique where Rory finds the owner having medical problems. In effect, Pluckie saves her life. The owner asks Rory, who worked for a pet store chain in LA, to stay and manage the pet boutique, and of course she does. Murders occur in Destiny, too, that Rory has to help solve. The most recent Superstition Mystery is Knock on Wood, and later this year Unlucky Charms will be published.

I also write for Harlequin Romantic Suspense, and those stories don't involve dogs. They're still fun, though.

My second Barkery & Biscuits Mystery To Catch A Treat will be published in May of this year, and it'll be my 42nd published novel.

The first in the series, Bite the Biscuit, was a finalist in the fiction category of the Dog Writers Association of America's Maxwell Awards. I'm delighted!

So, yes, I love dogs. I love writing. And I love hearing from readers.

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