Saturday, April 2, 2016

Leading Ladies of Mystery - Mabel Wickles by Sharon Rose Mierke

Hope you are having a great Saturday. Today's Leading Lady is Mabel Wickles.

In the June 3, 2003 issue of Woman's World, Mabel Wickles entered the world of fiction. This would be the first of many mysteries she was to solve. It wasn't a murder; it was a bank robbery but her sleuthing skills rose to the surface. A couple of years later, she solved her first murder and thus began her mystery-solving career!

However, several people would vehemently object to the term 'career.' Sheriff Reg Smee would be the first, but years later, he would have to concede that Mabel did have a talent and that he might even require her help on occasion. The second one to object would be her best friend, Flori Flanders. Mabel and Flori are lifetime friends. A friendship that blossomed in Kindergarten, and has never waned. Although sometimes rigorously opposing Mabel and one of her hair-brained schemes, Flori usually ends up following her best friend simply to make sure she does not get herself murdered while trying to find a murderer. She probably cannot count how many times she has accompanied Mabel in the middle of the night to the old Krueger house. It seems that every nefarious thing you can think of has gone on in that place. Fortunately, both have been able to escape with their lives intact.

Flori can relate her stories to her children and grandchildren. Mabel, on the other hand, has no one to relate her adventures to but her cats. She started out with seven. Not that she planned to have that many. She really did not plan on any but Flori felt she needed company during the cold winter months. (She is now down to four).

Mabel lives in a small town called Parson's Cove. There is a large lake within walking distance so city folk come out during the summer. Or, to ice fish in the winter. That is when she makes the most sales in her shop, Mabel's Fables and Things.

' One interviewer asked me if I was anything like Mabel. At the time, I could see no semblance at all except our age. Unlike her creator, she does not dye her hair and she only wears jeans and white cotton shirts. I'm definitely not a gin drinker but I must admit I share her love for wine. I don't believe I'm quite as nosy though and for sure, I would not traipse around town in the night searching for killers. On the other hand, there might be similarities. I can't remember what I said one day to my husband or how I said it, but his reply was, "You're Mabel!"

Although she can be quite frustrating at times, I must say I do love Mabel and I hope all my readers will love her too. Mabel Wickles is the protagonist in my Parson's Cove Cozy Mystery series. So far, there are six books: Slip and Go Die, Perplexity on P1/2, Calamity @ the Car Wash, Save as Murder, Frozen Identity, and Cold Case Conundrum. If you enjoy a fast read and a good laugh, you will enjoy my books. If you do, please write a review. As writers like to say, 'If you enjoyed the book tell your friends, but if you hated it tell your enemies!'

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  1. I'll have to check this series out. Thank you for introducing me to a new to me series!


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