Weekly Wrap Up #18

Happy May Everyone!

Coming this week to Shelley's Book Case:

May 2nd- First in Series- Portrait of a Dead Guy  by Larissa Reinhart
May 3rd- Author Spotlight- Larissa Reinhart
May 4th- New Feature.
May 5th- Shelley's Reviews
May 6th- What's New? Knit to be Tied by Maggie Sefton
May 6th- Blog Tour- Failure is Fatal by Leslie A. Diehl
May 7th- Leading Ladies of Mystery - Molly Tyler by Karoline Barrett

Here is what happened this week:

April 25th- First in a Series- Staged to Death by Karen Rose Smith
April 26th- Author Spotlight and Blog Tour- Silence of the Lamps by Karen Rose Smith
April 27th- Book Trivia hosted by Terri L. Austin
April 28th- Blog Tour- Without a Doubt by Nancy Cole Silverman
April 29th- What's New? Newlywed Dead by Nancy J. Parra
April 30th- Shelley's reviews Girl on the Run by Daryl Wood Gerber


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