Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Guess the Mystery hosted by Amy Reade

It's time for this week's Guess the Trivia and our lovely host is Amy Reade. One lucky reader will receive an e-copy of her newest release House of the Hanging Jade. Leave answer and email in the comments below.Winner will be chosen on Saturday.

We were making our way slowly up the long drive back to the house when Lucy suddenly remembered that she left Cottontail by the side of the road while she was picking flowers. She was getting droopy from being tired, so Evie took her indoors while I went back to the road to look for the lost bunny. I searched in and among several clumps of Queen Anne’s lace where Lucy had stopped to pick specimens for her bouquet, but the growing darkness made it hard for me to see.

Finally I spotted Cottontail lying limply by the side of the dusty road, waiting patiently for me to pick him up. I had turned around and started back toward the driveway when I heard a car behind me on the road. It came closer, its bright headlights cutting through the darkness. The headlights swept over me and I sidled closer to the edge of the road. The driver had seen me.

The car crept a little closer to the side of the road where I was standing and with a sudden violent burst of speed, it started hurtling toward me at a breakneck pace. I screamed and jumped back into the weeds on the side of the road, twisting my ankle and falling hard onto the ground. I looked over my shoulder as the car passed. About fifty feet away, it screeched to a stop and began to back up. It performed a lightning-quick K-turn and gunned toward me again. I dived farther into the weeds near the road as it veered in my direction, barely noticing the pain searing through my lower arm and elbow.

It went just a little way down the road and I saw its brake lights come on again. I was terrified that it would turn around and head for me a third time. Heart thudding, I dashed across the road and hid behind the huge stone pillar that stood sentry at the entrance to the Peppernell Manor driveway. The car had turned around again. Like a hunter stalking its prey, the car slowly cruised past the entrance to Peppernell Manor, searching. I stayed hidden until it finally drove off, then I ran up the drive and into the manor as fast as I could. I crashed through the front door and slammed it behind me, thankful that Lucy wasn’t there to witness my terror. Evie came out of the drawing room, an alarmed look on her face. “Carleigh! What’s the matter?” “A car just tried to run me down,” I gasped. “Where’s Lucy?”

“I told her to run upstairs and get her pajamas on. What did the car look like?” “I couldn’t see it. It was too dark and I was so scared that I wasn’t thinking about that. I just wanted to get back in the house.” I buried my face in my hands. “It was probably just some kids out joyriding, looking to give someone a good scare. Let me get some bandages for your arm and knee.” She went out to the kitchen and returned a moment later with ointment and bandages for my cuts and scrapes. I also had a large bruise developing on my shoulder. “Between this and that phone call, I’m terrified. If anything happened to me, what would happen to Lucy?” “Take it easy, honey. Nothing is going to happen to you. Or Lucy.

I have a feeling that the two incidents have nothing to do with each other.” I was still trembling. “I hope you’re right. I need to go up and tell Lucy good night.” I still held Cottontail by his big forepaw. “You just sit down for a few minutes and compose yourself. I’ll tell Lucy that you’re still looking for the bunny and I’ll make sure she’s ready for bed.” I smiled gratefully at Evie and went to the drawing room. I sat in one of the comfortable armchairs with my eyes closed and breathed deeply for several minutes before I felt steady enough to go upstairs to tuck Lucy in for the night. What if something did happen to me? What if I really am in danger? How am I going to protect Lucy? I didn’t have any answers.

USA Today Bestselling author Amy M. Reade writes women's contemporary and gothic fiction. Her books have been compared to authors such as Daphne du Maurier, Phyllis Whitney, and Victoria Holt. Amy's novels feature vivid descriptions of exotic and fascinating locations, such as the Thousand Islands region of New York State, Charleston, South Carolina, and the Big Island of Hawaii.

A former attorney, Amy found that writing was her true calling, and is currently working on a new project, a series set in Edinburgh, Scotland. She loves cooking, reading, and travel. You can visit her website,, where, in addition to information about her books and appearances, you will find a contact form, suggested playlists to go along with her novels, and notes and recommendations on wines.

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  1. Thanks for having me here today, Shelley!

  2. This excerpt is from "The Ghosts of Peppernell Manor."

  3. My guess is The Ghosts of Peppernell Manor. The first book I read by Amy Reade! Thank you for a chance to win! Have a wonderful Fourth of July!

  4. This was great, a new read to pick up

  5. The Ghosts of Peppernell Manor.

  6. The Ghosts of Peppernell Manor.

  7. My guess is The Ghosts of Peppernell Manor. Thank you.
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