Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Book Trivia hosted by Linda Reilly

I am so thrilled to have Linda Reilly visiting today. She has a great book series out and you have a chance to win one of her books. So leave the answers and your email in the comments and a winner will be chosen on Saturday. Good Luck!

Hello, and a big thank you to Shelley Giusti for inviting me to engage in a little book trivia with you today!

I’m Linda Reilly, author of the Deep Fried cozy mystery series ( For this trivia contest I’ve posed five questions, four of which are multiple choice. The commenter who gets the most correct answers will be the winner. In the event of multiple winners, I will ask Shelley to choose. The giveaway will be a signed copy of either Fillet of Murder or Out of the Dying Pan (winner’s choice).
The following excerpt is from which of the Deep Fried cozy mysteries?

Ria’s azure eyes hardened into twin glaciers. She turned to Kelsey and snapped, “Haven’t you put those things away yet? This is the holiday season, remember? People are going to want to buy, and they can’t buy if we don’t display the goods.”

Yikes, Talia thought. Someone’s having a bad day.

Kelsey blinked. “Sorry,” she murmured, sliding her gaze sideways. “I’ll have it done in a jif.”

Feeling about as welcome as a hailstorm, Talia moved toward the door. “I can see I’m interrupting. I’ll stop back another time. Your shop looks beautiful, by the way.”

Talia rushed back to her eatery, the sting of Ria’s rebuff sharp in her mind. What was that about anyway? Before today she’d never even met the woman!

1. The Wrensdale Arcade, the cozy shopping plaza that is the setting for the Deep Fried series, is located in the region of Massachusetts known as what?

A. The Springs
B. Hilly Point
C. The Berkshires

2. Which of these best describes Talia’s cat, Bojangles (“Bo”)?
B. Tuxedo
C. Siamese

4. In the series, Talia reconnects with a sweet guy she knew from her high school days. What is his name?

A. Matt Collins
B. Ryan Collins
C. Josh Parker

5. What is the name of the local market in the Deep Fried series?
A. Benny’s Superette
B. Queenie’s Variety
C.Peggy’s Pumpkin Patch

About the author:

Raised in a sleepy town in the Berkshires, Linda Reilly has spent the bulk of her career in the field of real estate closings and title examination. It wasn’t until 1995 that her first short mystery, Out of Luck, was accepted for publication by Woman’s World Magazine. Since then she’s had over forty short stories published, including a sprinkling of romances. In 2013 Five Star Publishing released her first full-length mystery, Some Enchanted Murder. Her first mystery in the Deep Fried series, a cozy featuring fry cook Talia Marby, was released by Berkley Prime Crime in May 2015.

Linda lives in New Hampshire with her husband, who affectionately calls her “Nose-in-a-book.”

Found out more about Linda and her books at her webiste: 


  1. 1. The Wrensdale Arcade is located in the Berkshires region of Massachusetts.
    2. Talia’s cat, Bojangles (“Bo”), is a Calico cat.
    3. [no question]
    4. Talia reconnects with Ryan Collins from her high school days.
    5. Queenie’s Variety is the local market in the Deep Fried series.
    Thank you for this chance!

  2. 1. Berkshires
    2. Calico
    4.Ryan Collins
    5. Queenie's Variety

    1. forgot

  3. 1) C 2) A 3) no question 4) B 5) B
    Thanks for the chance!

  4. 1. Berkshires
    Ryan Collins
    5. Queenie's Variety

  5. 1. Berkshires
    2. Calico
    4. Ryan Collins
    5. Queenie's Variety

  6. 1. Berkshires
    2. Caico
    3. No question
    4. Ryan Collins
    5. Queenie's Variety

  7. 1berkshires 2 calico 4 Ryan collins5queenies variety


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