Friday, July 6, 2012

Killing Bridezilla

Killing Bridezilla by Laura Levine 6/1/2012
I recently read Killing Bridezilla and I must say that it was Hilarious! If you havent read it make it a must read!!

My Review :

Jaine Austen's Writing Job has been next to nothing and her bank account doesnt look much better either. So when Patti Marshall wants to meet with her about writing her wedding vows, Jaine is hesitant, she remembers how nasty Patti was to her in high school. But when Patti offers Jaine three thousand dollars to do it, she reluctantly says Yes. 
Patti is presistant and wants the vows to be Shakespears Romeo and Juliet the Balcony scene relived at her wedding,Jaine sets out to do her best to perfect them for her.
When Patti is killed in what looks to be an accident falling off the Balcony.Jaines snooping around to find out what happened gets her into more trouble that what she signed up for. Will she find the killer or be the next victim. 

Kirkus Review

The $3,000 fee charged by freelance writer Jaine Austen (Shoes to Die For, 2005, etc.) doesn't begin to compensate for the psychic travail of working for a bitchy high-school classmate. Patti Marshall sat at the popular table in the Hermosa High cafeteria. Jaine, on the other hand, is best remembered for her swan dive into the principal's lap at the prom. But at the urging of her MasterCard bill, Jaine agrees to write the wedding vows for Patti's lollapalooza of a wedding to Dickie Potter, a former nerd who turned out kinda sexy. A dozen rewrites later, Patti returns to her original theme: a reworking of Shakespeare's balcony scene. Only someone has tampered with this balcony, and Patti tumbles lawnward, where she's impaled on a specially imported statue of Cupid. Suspicion naturally falls on Normalynne Potter, the wife Dickie kicked to the curb for Patti. But there are plenty of other possibilities: Cheryl Hogan, the bridesmaid Patti nixed as too fat; Dickie's protective mom Eleanor; even Veronica Hubbard, the caterer who endured Patti's complaints that the fish was too "fishy" and the lamb chops were too "lamby." And Jaine aims to confront them all, even as she's ducking the unwanted advances of Walter Barnhardt, a former Hermosa High nerd who turned out kinda nerdy. A better ratio of clues to red herrings would be nice, but Jaine's inner monologues are worth the price of admission to this sad, funny stroll down memory lane.

Get the book today and be ready for to Laugh Out Loud!!!!!

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