Monday, September 10, 2012

died with a bow by grace carroll

Died with a Bow by Grace Carroll
Sept 4th, 2011


April in San Francisco may be all about layers, but it also marks one year since the stylish Rita Jewell began working at Dolce’s, an upscale boutique catering to the city’s trendy socialites. And while it may seem like a glamorous world, someone’s about to get ugly…

Things have been less than pretty for Rita lately. There’s her lackluster love life. Then Dolce hires a new salesgirl. Fast-talking fashionista Vienna Fairchild is young, confident, and horribly entitled. She’s rearranged the store and relegates Rita to answering her phone—and the men are ringing for Vienna as though it were going out of style. Lucky for Rita, Dolce has tickets to a charity bachelor auction—but what to wear?

While Rita opts for something simple, Vienna stuns the crowd in a breathtaking black dress with a pink bow on the back. Rita is even more stunned when she sees Vienna in that same dress the following day—dead on the sales floor of Dolce’s. With Rita’s fingerprints all over the scene and a believable motive, she’s going to need to find some clues and throw together the perfect outfit that says: “I’m innocent.”

My Review:

When new girl Vienna starts working at Dolce's and becomes a close friend of Dolce's the owner, Rita becomes a little jealous. Dolce's time is spent with Vienna and Rita feels like that should be her not Vienna, So when Vienna is Killed at the Bachelor charity Auction all eyes and evidence points to Rita. Especially since she was the one who found Vienna and her prints were all over the murder scene.

Rita has to prove that she is innocent and to do that she has to find Vienna's killer before she becomes the next victim. But where to start? And how does she get Detective Wall to believe her? She starts her own investigating. But is she to late , will she go to jail for something she didnt do. Get a copy of the book today and find out.

It was a great read, you will not be disappointed in this book!

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