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Spend the Morning with Vicki Delany

More Than Sorrow by Vicki Delany September 4th 2012

Good Morning Vicki, thank you for being here with us today! Im looking forward to your new book!

Tell us a little about yourself.

Thanks very much for having me, Shelley.  My name is Vicki Delany and I am the author of twelve (so far) novels of mystery and suspense. I write several different types of books, series and well as standalones.  I live in Canada, and all of my books are set primarily in Canada.  I’m published by Poisoned Pen Press and by Dundurn Press.  My newest book is titled MORE THAN SORROW, and it is a standalone, a contemporary thriller with a historical background.

What kind of Research do you do for your books?

It depends on the type of book.  I write the Klondike Gold Rush books (Gold Digger, Gold Fever, Gold Mountain) set in Dawson City, Yukon in 1898 and those require a lot of research.  Fortunately there was a great deal written about the gold rush at the time, there are plenty of history books, and a plethora of fabulous photographs. For MORE THAN SORROW, which has a background of the Loyalists fleeing the American Revolution, I counted on history books.  I live in Prince Edward County, a Loyalist area, so my local library was a good source.  For the Constable Molly Smith books (In the Shadow of the Glacier, Among the Departed), which are about contemporary police officers, I’ve made friends in the police who answer my questions, I’ve been on ride-alongs, been to observe in-service training.  In MORE THAN SORROW, the story is set on a small-scale vegetable farm, so I found a farmer who showed me around and answered all my questions.

What are you working on now? 

More than Sorrow is being released this week, and I’ve just finished the sixth Constable Molly Smith book, A Cold White Sun.

What are the first 5 books in your to be read pile? 

September is looking to be a great month for new books.  I’m excited about reading The Fallen One by the Canadian Writer Rick Blechta. Rick’s a musician and this book is about an opera singer.  Also, Watching the Dark by Peter Robinson, which is the first Inspector Banks book in a few years.  I like the John Cardinal books by Giles Blunt, and he has a new one titled Until the Night.  At Bouchercon next month, I’m on a panel with several great authors, and I’m looking forward to reading Amanda Kyle Williams’s book The Stranger in the Room. And lastly, if I have to choose only five, there’s The Face of the Enemy, the first in a new series from Beverle Graves Myers and Joanne Dobson.

thank you so much for coming to visit today! Hey everyone if you have a question or comment for Vicki leave it her! We are waiting to hear from you! Lets show her some love !!!!!!!

Vicki Delany is one of Canada’s most varied and prolific crime writers.  Her popular Constable Molly Smith series (including In the Shadow of the Glacier and Among the Departed) have been optioned for TV by Brightlight Pictures.  She also writes standalone novels of psychological suspense, as well as a light-hearted historical series, (Gold Digger, Gold Mountain), set in the raucous heyday of the Klondike Gold Rush.  

Vicki’s newest book is More than Sorrow, a standalone novel published by Poisoned Pen Press.  In a starred review, Library Journal called the book, “a splendid Gothic thriller.”

Having taken early retirement from her job as a systems analyst in the high-pressure financial world, Vicki is settling down to the rural life in bucolic, Prince Edward County, Ontario where she rarely wears a watch.

Visit Vicki at ,, and twitter: @vickidelany. She blogs about the writing life at One Woman Crime Wave ( 



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