Monday, January 27, 2014

Sassy Questions with Joyce Lavene

It is wonderful to have Joyce Lavene here with us for today's Sassy Questions.

What is the one food that you can't live with out? 
Definitely chocolate. Sorry, no surprise there, right? I like chocolate on everything from tomatoes to watermelon. Everything really does go better with chocolate. But I had never tried chocolate with peppers before the Sweet Pepper mystery books. I was reluctant, since I'm not a big fan of hot peppers. Then I remembered that chocolate makes everything good and I jumped right in. Delicious! Sweet and spicy is yummy together!

What is your guilty pleasure television show?
Probably Blacklist. I have LOVED James Spader since Stargate. He's always been versatile as an actor but he makes an incredible bad guy. Did you see him in Wolf? I feel guilty because I feel like I should hate him. He's so evil on Blacklist, but I have to watch it. I'd love to have one of our books made into a movie with him in it!

What is the one place you enjoy having dinner at and what do you usually order?
My son has a little pizza place in Locust, North Carolina - the next town up from where we live. It's Called Pizza and Beyond, and the food is AMAZING! He's been making pizza since he was about three (Chef Boyardee). He's worked at almost every pizza restaurant there is, and it has all resulted in the most sublime pizza. So that's what I get. He makes the crust special for me - twice baked. I like it crispy with only a little sauce. 

Do you have a favorite, romantic vacation spot? 
It would probably be Lake Lure, NC. It has a haunting quality to it, combined with the sheer beauty of the lake in the middle of the mountains. The only problem is that it conjures up so many story ideas. My brain has to be set on inactive to be romantic.

What is one thing about you want us to know? ( not book related)
One thing? Oh, I don't know. I'm a vegetarian. I hate to cook. I'd rather eat all my meals at restaurants. I'd like to live in a hotel - or several hotels. I can move around. One of my favorite words is diabolical. Whoops! That's more than one thing. Pesky writers don't know when to shut up!

It was a pleasure getting to know you Joyce! Thank you for being here with us.


  1. Loved it Joyce, I can say I have never tried chocolate on my veggies before, might have to thing about that one.

  2. Enjoyed getting to know Joyce a little more. Love the Sweet Pepper books! Thanks for the interview, Shelley.

  3. Thanks for having me here, Shelley!

  4. Food I can't live without? A nice warm crusty loaf of bread.
    I love the old Star Trek shows and currently.. The Big Bang Theory. [g]
    Hmm.. Dinner out? My hubby makes the best steak ever. So we usually stay in and he grills the whole meal. Steak, veggies and dessert. Grilled Pineapple!!
    Vacation? Romantic? HA!! We usually take separate vacations. He goes up north to visit his sister and I go south to visit mine.
    We are home-bodies. We enjoy sitting on the porches -back and front- and having quiet time [with the doggies too]

  5. I love Blacklist.

    You put chocolate on watermelon? How did it taste?

    This was fun.


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