Friday, September 12, 2014

Books that take place in the Fall

I am excited to have this list done!  I'm also sure that there are books I have missed so please feel free to add them in the comments and I will update this list too!

Till Dirt do us Part by Edith Maxwell
Paws for Murder by Annie Knox
Haunted Hamlet by Kathi Daley
Murder on the Rocks by Allyson K. Abbott
Town in a Pumpkin Bash by B.B. Haywood
Be Careful What you Witch for by Dawn Eastman
A Biscuit a Casket by Liz Mugavero
Drizzled with Death by Jessie Crockett
Who Do Voodoo by Rochelle Staab
Liver let Die by Liz Lipperman
Beef Stolen Off by Liz Lipperman
Murder Buys A T-Shirt by Christina York
Poisoned Tarts by G.A. McKevett
Halloween Party by Agatha Christie
Still Life by Louise Penny
Bury her Deep by Catriona McPherson
Steamed to Death and Confession is Murder by Peg Cochran
Three Sisters by Helen Smith
Dead and Berried by Karen MacInerney
Dying to Dance by Kate O'Connell
Scrapped by Mollie Cox Bryan
Black Thursday by Linda Joffe Hull
A Killer Retreat by Tracy Weber
A Killer Maize by Paige Shelton
A Killer Crop Sheila Connolly
The Diva Haunts the House by Krista Davis
Oak and Dagger by Dorothy McFalls
Ghastly Glass by Joyce and Jim Lavene
Murder at the Book Club by Maggie King
The Legend of Sleepy Harlow by Kylie Logan

So now that your TBR list just got bigger , have you read these yet? Which ones? Do you have a favorite?


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