Weekly Wrap Up # 46

Happy Sunday to you! I am so glad you visited me this week. Here is what happened.

Nov. 21st- Friday 56

Book's I've read this week:

Lethal Letters by Ellery Adams
Snow White Red- Handed by Maia Chance
Murder Plain and Simple by Isabella Alan

Coming this week:

Nov. 24th- Guest Post by Joni Sauer Floger
Nov. 25th- Book Tour- Murder the Tey Way by Marilyn Levinson
Nov. 26th- Author Spotlight- Leslie Meier
Nov. 27th- First in a New Series- The Big Kitty by Claire Donnally
Nov.28th Friday 56
Nov. 29th- Book Trivia hosted by Mary Marks

Have a great Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it! Hope to see you this week. 


  1. All 3 books you've read this week look interesting. I've read one Ellery Adams and have meant to read more. Snow White Red Handed is on my TBR so now I need to go find out about the Alan book. I'm looking forward to seeing what you think of Murder the Tey way! I'm guessing that's a reference to Josephine Tey? Have a great week!


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