The Friday 56

Happy Friday! Hope you had a great  holiday!

"I gave myself a mental kick in the head and slid into one of the two chairs at the table. I was letting the post traumatic stress of finding a dead body rule my thoughts. Ryan was the biggest reason to leave Dallas, not to stay"


  1. By this time, Ralph had already punched the button to call the service elevator at the end of a corridor off the lobby. The doors whoosed open, and he dragged me inside. "You're not going to believe it, "he said. "I don't believe it. And I've seen it. And I've got to call somebody. Fast. Only I can't think straight; you know what I mean? Because these kinds of things aren't supposed to happen. Not at a nice hotel like this."
    Pg. 56 of Hot Button by Kylie Logan #2 of her Button Shop series


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