Saturday, October 24, 2015

In Memoriam - Joyce Lavene

On Tuesday October 20th, the world lost a remarkable, caring,wonderful woman. On Tuesday my sweet friend Joyce Lavene passed away. We were all shocked and still are. I first met Joyce and her husband Jim Lavene two years ago and they were so warm an friendly. Joyce was a remarkable, caring, fun and classy lady. I enjoyed our chats and she was always willing to help me out on my blog. My heart is sad that she is no longer with us. Please remember to keep Jim and family in your prayers. Joyce touched so many people and will not be forgotten.

Joyce and her husband Jim were authors of many great books. They touched many lives with their stories and made people laugh. Joyce appeared on my blog often and we often chatted on Facebook. I first met Joyce and Jim two years ago and it seemed like I knew them a lifetime. Always warm and friendly and they bring life to a room and spread sunshine where ever they went.

Even though my heart is sad, Joyce will live on through her books and the memories that I will hold dear to my heart,RIP dear Joyce. You will be missed.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Jim and they family she left behind as they deal with this loss. I am blessed to have known Joyce,she left a forever mark on my heart and life.

Please feel free to share a memory about Joyce or what is on your heart.


  1. I didn't know Joyce very well, but (via Facebook and email) she was always kind and sweet. I will miss her.

  2. I was so shocked, when Anna Lee told me....I think the time she learned about it, Jim has just posted...and I COULD NOT BELIEVE what I was reading!! I never met Joyce, but for the better part of 3 years, she always talked to me over FB messages...every day..asking about my garden, what I was planting, growing, weeding, canning...drying..and other small stuff...and small personal things too...
    I was just a reader....nothing big..not a blogger, or a huge reviewer...just a book lover...and she was so kind!
    As I followed her ...she was this way to everyone she, caring, asking, suggesting..helping....
    A dear friend of mine had just passed away a few days hearing about Joyce...was unthinkable....
    Jim and her family ...have my heart and prayers...she was so well loved by her family....and her readers.
    All I can do for them pray, and pre-order her 2 they have a grand release.....her final hurrah....
    She loved well....and was so loved in return...that is a wonderful life to have.
    I wish you happiness with the angels Joyce....

    1. Such lovely words and so very true....
      Kathleen Bylsma

  3. I think I stopped breathing for a moment. I met Joyce through facebook. She was always gracious and kind. I will miss her good morning posts and all she did for her readers. May her family find peace.

  4. I'm so glad that I found her books when I did. It saddens me to know that her writing days are over now. Her husband and family will have a long road of healing ahead of them. It's never easy to lose someone so quickly like that.

  5. You expressed it perfectly. Joyce was beautiful, inwardly and outwardly and her writing was beautiful, too. I will miss her.

  6. She was such a kind lady, and I will treasure the books she sent me. I'm still in shock that this happened, she will be missed. I miss her daily posts already. I always looked forward to them.

  7. That and more...
    Kathleen Bylsma

  8. I am SO sorry for this great loss in our Cozy Mystery Venue... I found Joyce on Facebook and was just getting to know how wonderful she truly was, and what a great writing team she and her husband made. I fell in love with Joyce instantly, just as so many had before me! Joyce was a wonderful woman, writer, and an exceptional human being! My heart is breaking, for Jim, his family, all of her friends, fellow authors and fans...I pray the spirit of the Lord will especially bear Jim, and his family up,in this their time of grief, along with all who knew and loved Joyce in any way... Prayers and *Hugs* <3

  9. The books they wrote together are so good! They were a great team. It was very sad to see the news on the same day that I had received one of their books in the mail. Jim, prayers and hugs!


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