Sunday, October 25, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up #94

It has been a challenging and sad week. For those who don't know, the cozy mystery community lost a wonderful author. Joyce Lavene passed away on Tuesday. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

Last week was a busy week here:

October 19th- First in Series- Just Killing Time by Julianne Holmes
October 20th- Author Spotlight- Julianne Holmes
October 21st- Halloween Trivia- Ann Simos
October 22nd- Guest Post- Ellery Adams
October 23rd- What's New? Writing all Wrongs by Ellery Adams
October 24th- In Memoriam- Joyce Lavene

Coming this week:

October 26th- First in Series-Murder and Marinara by Rosie Genova
October 27th- Author Spotlight- Rosie Genova
October 28th- Halloween Trivia
October 29th- Guest Post - Gretchen Archer
October 30th- What's New? Olive and Let Die by Susannah Hardy
October 31st- Shelley's Review

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