Saturday, May 21, 2016

Leading Ladies of Mystery - Jezabelle Jingle

This week's Leading Lady is Jezabelle Jingle. Don't know who she is? Jezabelle Jingle is the lady of the Penderghast Puzzle Protectors Mystery. One Lucky reader will will receive an audio copy of this book.Leave a comment and email below for a chance to win.


Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, jingle all the way. Yes, I have heard it all. I am Jezabelle Jingle and I live in Brilliant Minnesota. My name wasn't always Jezabelle Jingle. Jingle is actually a name I chose, on purpose, but my explanation has to wait for another time. I was prepared when I changed my last name to jingle for the jokes, "She jingles all the way to the bank or "Here comes Mrs. Slay Bells. Get it–slay, after all I do solve mysteries. I love my last name in spite of the jokes. It always makes people smile.

I live in the Penderghast neighborhood of Brilliant Minnesota. My neighborhood consists of Victorian houses built by the Brilliant Brothers, the founders of the community. I am the oldest person on my block and I have lived on my block the longest of any of the neighbors. I might add I am the only normal person on my block. My opinion only and let's keep that between us. I wouldn't want my neighbors to know I know things they don't know I know.

I don't have any children. I have a niece, Delight Delure. You might recognize the name because that Hermiony Vidalia Criony Fiddlestadt, better known as Granny from Fuchsia Minnesota, has gotten my niece in lots of trouble as Delight lives in Fuchsia, and runs the Pink Percolator. Occasionally she comes to visit and we have bake fest.

I'm not married right now. Police Chief Hank Hardy and I used to have a little thing going in high school but apparently he decided it was a littler thing than I did and he married someone else, but we still have stayed very close. It always helps to stay close with the Police Chief because you never know when you need to pump information out of him.

I also like to bake. My pies and cheesecake are the best but not too many people know about my baking. It is what I do late at night when I am alone. I use my baked goods to pry information out of unsuspecting eaters.

I live a pretty ordinary life. I keep an eye on my neighbors, not because I worry about them but like I said before, they are strange and they have strange habits. It is pretty entertaining. I don't have to watch television, all I have to do is hide behind the curtains and watch their shenanigans. The man living next to me is called Rock Stone. Who names their kid Rock Stone?

In my spare time I like to visit the Brilliant Library although we are in the midst of a contest to rename it. Living in a community where everything is named Brilliant gets kind of boring. We have the Brilliant Bistro, the Brilliant Times Chronicles, the Brilliant Fire Department, the Brilliant Bank and the new Brilliant Brewery.

Our buildings in Brilliant have been preserved so you might wonder when you drive into Brilliant whether you are going back into time. We are a progressive community as long as you don't change the old architecture of the buildings. We citizens of Brilliant are brilliant enough to know if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

We have had a few problems lately, especially in the Penderghast neighborhood,so I've had to organize our neighbors to follow the clues and solve the puzzle to protect our neighborhood. Who knew we were living right on top of a puzzle waiting to explode. And then we had a murder in Annabelle's house. Annabelle's already dead and no one was supposed to be living in her house.

Well, I'll jingle on home. I must get on with my baking and then I'll have my glass of wine and sit on my upstairs porch after dark and watch the puzzle unfold. By the way if you visit Brilliant you might want to beware of what you do after dark, because Jezabelle Jingle rings her bell late into the night. Remember I warned you.

About the author:

Julie Seedorf is a Minnesotan. She calls dinner--supper and lunch--dinner. She has had many careers over her lifetime but her favorite career was that of mother to her children. In later life she became a computer technician, opening her own business.

In 2012 Julie signed a contract with Cozy Cat Press for her Fuchsia Minnesota Series. Books included in that series are Granny Hooks a Crook, Granny Skewers A Scoundrel, Granny Snows A Sneak and Granny Forks A Fugitive. Closing her computer business in January 2014 Julie transitioned to becoming a full time writer adding free-lance work for various newspapers, along with continuing her column Something About Nothing, which is now in book form in a book of the same name released in early 2015. Her children's series, Granny's In Trouble give her grandkids a hint of the young Grandma underneath the wrinkles.

Her books are light and fluffy and highlight the fact in the midst of life we have to find the humor in bad situations to keep us going. "We all take ourselves too seriously and we need to have a little fun." Julie secretly yearns to be like the Granny characters in her books. In February 2016 the first book in the Brilliant Minnesota Series was released titled the Penderghast Puzzle Protectors. She also is part of a group mystery by Cozy Cat Press Authors titled Chasing the Codex.

Julie's serious side is revealed in a story included in the Anthology, We Go On - Anthology for Veterans where the proceeds go to Veteran's Charities.

Visit her website at

Her blog http://sprinklednotes is a little scattered like Granny but lends itself to wisdom and occasional flip flops about life.

You will also find her on Facebook at

Twitter at .
Enjoy the moments; they may carry you through a lifetime.


  1. Jezabelle wanted me to thank you for having her. She is busy making a cheesecake and it is at a crucial point. She is sending you a virtual piece when it is done.

  2. Just chiming in... I have the audio version of Julie Seedorf's book and love it. It's a great format for 'multi-tasters.'

  3. The setting and the names of the characters in this book are, well, Brilliant! I would love to win the audiobook -- thanks so much for the giveaway!

    1. And the people in Brilliant are possibly Brilliant. Thanks for commenting.

  4. sounds interesting!

  5. I think this would be a fun book to listen to on audio. I really like audio books and would like to listen to it. Great giveaway, thanks.

    1. Aren't audiobooks fun? Sometimes we hear more than we see when we read them. Thanks for commenting.

  6. I think this would be a fun book to listen to on audio. I really like audio books and would like to listen to it. Great giveaway, thanks.

  7. Jezabelle Jingle---what a great name for a cozy character!

    1. There will be a back story there in future books but she has fun with her name.

  8. I have my audio copy, looking forward to listening to it!


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