Weekly Wrap Up # 21

It was a fun week here and lot more to come. Here is what happened this week:

May 16th- First in Series- Double Whammy by Gretchen Archer
May 17th- Author Spotlight- Gretchen Archer
May 18th- Guess The Mystery hosted by Vicki Delany
May 19th - Murder, by George by Jeanne Quigley
May 20th- What's New? The Diva Serves High Tea by Krista Davis
May 21st- Leading Ladies of Mystery with Julie Seedorf

Winner's this week are:

Double Whammy by Gretchen Archer - Deb Forbes
Guess the Mystery by Vicki Delany- Jen Scott
Murder by George by Jeanne Quigley- Doward Wilson
What's New? The Diva Serves High Tea by Krista Davis- Sherry Smith

Coming week of May 23rd:

May 23rd- First in a Series- Front Page Fatality by LynDee Walker
May 24th- Author Spotlight- LynDee Walker
May 25th- Shelley's Review- The Thing is by Kathleen Gerard
May 26th- Shelley's Review's
May 27th- What's New? Dead End Street by Sheila Connelly
May 28th- Blog Tour- The Madness of Mercury by Connie Archer
May 29th- Blog Tour- The Penderghast Puzzle Protectors by Julie Seedorf

Have a great week!


  1. Congratulations to the winners this past week! I like that addition, Shelley!


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