Saturday, March 29, 2014

Book Trivia- Molly MacRae

Happy Saturday! It's book trivia time and today's host is the lovely Molly MacRae!

All you have to do is guess the name of the book!! The winner will be able to choose one of her books!

Here we go:

1.      Kath discovers something about ghosts and direct sunlight.

2.      Argyle responds to haikus.

3.      Kath describes pocket placement in nineteenth century clothing and mentions a pickpocket’s coat she once saw in a museum in Niles, California.

4.      Ardis confesses her worry to Kath—that murder will disrupt business at the cafĂ©. “And can you picture me in the morning without my coffee and bagel or a chocolate doughnut? I am a horrible, selfish person.”

Good Luck!!!


  1. Stephanie Treadway Hobrock -- guessed Spinning in her Grave

  2. Know it's not Lawn Order. Loved that book! Dying Wishes? If we get it wrong, is there still a chance to win a book?

  3. With only three entries, Renee, I think everyone should win!

  4. Spinning in her grave?

  5. We have a twist with our contest this time around. Thanks to our Lovely Host Molly. You all our WINNERS!!!! I will be contacting you for your emails.

  6. The correct answer is Spinning in her Grave


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