Monday, March 24, 2014

Sassy Questions with Laura Bradford

Happy Monday! It's great to have Laura Bradford here with Sassy Questions. Get some coffee or tea and talk sass with us..

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What is your guilty pleasure television show?

I’ve watched just about every episode of Survivor since its debut in 2000
I love watching the dynamics of the players. And now that the kids are older,it’s become a bit of a family activity. One of these days, we’re going to have
a Survivor party…

What is a talent you have that would make people be in awe?

My most spectacular talent is my ability to say the entire Big Mac slogan
backwards—and fast!

What actor do you currently have a crush on?

More than the actor, himself, I often find myself drawn to the part an actor plays. For example, I adore the character Will Smith plays inHITCH. So sweet and clever with the dating ideas!   I also find the
character James Marsden plays in 27 DRESSES to be utterly adorable. And, although I’m only in Season 2 and he’s a bit ofa rogue, I think Nathan Fillion’s Rick Castle (on CASTLE) is quite fun, too.

When you have a girls night out what does that entail?

Having picked up and moved after living for 17 years in mybeloved St. Louis, having girls’ night out is a bit harder thesedays. But every once in a while, when some of my oldestgirlfriends are all in one place at the same time, we gettogether for dinner and have a great time just talking and
catching up. I love those nights. They’re good for the soul.

If cost and transportation weren't the issue where would you go for your dream romantic get away?

Brace yourself for this answer…   I’m going to say, Disney World.As wonderful as it is with kids, it’s also incredibly fun as adults—mostly because it brings out a carefree, fun side that is often
buried under “real life” the rest of the time.

What is one thing about you that no one knows?

Hmmm.  I once got to talk to Mary Higgins Clark on the telephone. Oh, and did I happen to mention it was Harlan Coben’s cell phoneon which I spoke to her?
Yep, total and complete fan girl moment.

SHUNNED AND DANGEROUS (my 3rd Amish Mystery) launches next Tuesday (March 4th).  TAKEN IN (the 9th book in my Sewing Circle Mysteries, written as Elizabeth Lynn Casey) comes out August 5th.  My website is:


  1. I love the MHC story. Then add in Harlan? You're a lucky girl.

  2. Great interview. I really like Castle. Love his relationship with his daughter.

  3. Great interview. Love your responses!! Shunned & Dangerous is an awesome read!!! I loved it!! Can't wait for the next Sewing Circle book.

  4. I enjoyed this interview. She seems to be so down to earth and approachable. I want to buy all of her books now. Thank you!

  5. Thanks everyone! I loved doing this Q & A. Fun questions!


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