Saturday, April 19, 2014

Book Trivia- Nancy J. Parra

Happy Saturday! Today's trivia is hosted by the Sensational Nancy J. Parra! All you have to do is answer these questions!

Here we go:

1.What type of bakery does Toni Holmes run?

2.Where is the Baker's Treat Mystery series set?

3.How many cousins does Toni have?

4.What is Grandma Ruth a lifetime member of?

5.What does Grandma Ruth's boyfriend, Bill Aimes, do for a living?

6.What television character does Officer Emry remind Toni of?

7.Extra points if you can tell me Kip's favorite gluten free recipe is.

The one with the most correct will win!! Here is the prize: A copy of each of these books!!Don't you just love it!!

Gluten for Punishment Murder Gone A-Rye



  1. It's been a while since reading, but I think I have 4 of them right. Thank you for the chance to win!

    1. Gluten free. (started as an online bakery)

    2. Oiltop, Kansas

    3. 45

    4. ?

    5. ?

    6.Barney Fife

    7. ?

  2. It's also been a while since I read it.... Had to look up one of them... :)

    1. Gluten Free
    2. Oiltop, Kansas
    3. 45 cousins
    4. Mensa
    5. Taxidermist
    6. Barney Fife
    7. Chocolate / Pumpkin?

  3. Our contest winner is Alicia!!!CONGRATULATIONS!!!


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