Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Guest Post- Lynn Cahoon

I'm excited to have Lynn Cahoon with us today! It is time to get to know her a bit more. So grab a beverage of choice and join us.
Welcome Lynn, So glad you could be here!!

Five things you didn’t know
Hi, I’m Lynn Cahoon. I’ve been published in romance for a few years now, but Guidebook to Murder is my first cozy mystery. I’m so excited for you all to get to visit South Cove, a tourist town nestled between the mountains and the central California coast.
I thought I’d do an introduction first, like any proper guest. LOL
Five things you didn’t know about me.
1-I’m a six year breast cancer survivor. It was this fright that got me busy writing. I realized ‘someday” may not come.
2-I spent the first 4 decades of my life in the same place, more or less. Boise Idaho is known as the Treasure Valley and I have to say, I miss my mountains.
3-I used to work for the state with the welfare, food stamps and Medicaid programs. Those years have given me a love for research. Especially when it isn’t dry, technical law, rules, and regulations.
4-My second time, I married for love. The first, out of fear. Believe me, love is better.
5- I’m addicted to potato chips. One of my first pictures is of me as a toddler sitting on the step at our Nampa house the bag of chips in my hands.  I’m the reason Lay’s created their slogan, “I can’t eat just one.”

Now its Jill Gardner’s, my amateur sleuth in the Tourist Trap Mysteries, turn.
1-Jill used to practice family law in San Francisco before she burned out and bought Coffee, Books, and More in South Cove.
2-Jill’s only living relative is her Aunt Jackie.
3-Jill is fiercely loyal to friends and can hold a grudge pretty well too.
4-Jill’s never been married for love, and doesn’t plan on marrying again.
5-When you ask Jill what her favorite food is, she has to stop and think. She loves all food, especially Diamond Lille’s fish and chips. And loaded potato soup.  And dessert. Does she have to choose just one?
Now it’s your turn. What one thing don’t most people know about you?
In the gentle coastal town of South Cove, California, all Jill Gardner wants is to keep her store--Coffee, Books, and More--open and running. So why is she caught up in the business of murder?
When Jill's elderly friend, Miss Emily, calls in a fit of pique, she already
knows the city council is trying to force Emily to sell her dilapidated old house. But Emily's gumption goes for naught when she dies unexpectedly and leaves the house to Jill--along with all of her problems. . .and her enemies. Convinced her friend was murdered, Jill is finding the list of suspects longer than the list of repairs needed on the house. But Jill is determined to uncover the culprit--especially if it gets her closer to South Cove's finest, Detective Greg King. Problem is, the killer knows she's on the case--and is determined to close the book on Jill permanently. . .
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Lynn Cahoon’s a multi-published author. An Idaho native, her stories focus around the depth and experience of small town life and love. Lynn’s published in Chicken Soup anthologies, explored controversial stories for the confessional magazines, short stories in Women’s World, and contemporary romantic fiction. Currently, she’s living in a small historic town on the banks of the Mississippi river where her imagination tends to wander. She lives with her husband and four fur babies.
Leave a comment I'm sure Lynn would love to hear from you!


  1. Thanks for having me over Shelley!

  2. This sounds like a great book. I will be ordering it soon!

  3. Loved this! Oh and Lynn, I'm a potato chip fiend too!

    1. Chip Sisters Unite! I can't help it, I love the things. :)

  4. I didn't used to be, but lately I have to have potato chips at lunch every day!
    But, unlike you, I don't love research!

    1. Morgan, I keep my research in areas I'm interested in... that helps a lot. Then my mind wanders into the story. :)

  5. Hi, Lynn,
    Enjoyed your post. Best wishes with your book!!

  6. I love Boise! Our plans are to retire there. The book sounds intriguing. It will go on my TBR list. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Mary Anne! So many people tell me that they want to retire in Boise. It's a great city. Enough to do but quiet too... Enjoy Guidebook!


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