Monday, May 26, 2014

Guest Post- Karen Rose Smith

Happy Monday! It is a great day here because Karen Rose Smith is visiting!!

Welcome Karen , so glad you can be here today.
Image of Karen Rose Smith

Five Must-Haves for Caprice De Luca, home stager extraordinaire and animal lover in the town of Kismet, Pennsylvania.
Since my sleuth Caprice De Luca loves to cook, the best place for her to shop for supplies in Kismet, Pennsylvania, is GROCERY FRESH Market.  There she can find vine-ripened tomatoes, seasonal fruits from Pennsylvania like strawberries, peaches and plums as well as fresh herbs.  Not only that but she might run into that handsome doctor she's dating--Dr. Seth Randolph!
Caprice wears vintage fashions.  She finds most of them at a downtown Kismet boutique--SECRETS OF THE PAST.  From bell bottoms, to Juliet-sleeved tops, to pearl beaded purses, she can usually find separates to mix and match or a flapper style cocktail dress for a special occasion.  Although her sister Bella thinks Caprice's fashion sense needs an adjustment, Caprice enjoys dressing in a unique way that's just right for her.
What would Caprice do without the FURRY FRIENDS VETERINARY CLINIC?  Veterinarian Marcus Reed understands Caprice's penchant for looking after strays.  When she rescues a pregnant cocker spaniel she names Shasta and cares for her through her labor and delivery, he's only a phone call away with good advice.  However, Grant Weatherford--her brother's law partner--seems to understand her love of animals too.  When he watches Shasta's litter of pups deliver with Caprice, a new bond is formed between them.
Although Caprice abhors exercise per se, she does swim because she knows the exercise is good for her.  She joins SHAPE UP, Kismet's gym.  Nevertheless, when she goes swimming in the middle of a murder investigation, she never expects someone might try to kill her!
Caprice stages houses to sell with unique themes for high end clients.  In STAGED TO DEATH, the murder revolves around a client who has chosen a Camelot theme.  In DEADLY DECOR, a painter who helped Caprice's client establish a Baroque Bedazzle theme is murdered.  These high end clients are usually members of Kismet's COUNTRY SQUIRE GOLF AND RECREATION CENTER.  It's Kismet's country club where the rich gather, where awards are given, where wedding receptions are held.  
DEADLY DÉCOR, Book 2 in her Caprice De Luca home staging series, is Karen Rose Smith’s 84th published novel.  Book 3 GILT BY ASSOCIATION will be released in February 2015.


  1. Shelley--thanks for having me!

  2. Thank you, Karen for more insight into Caprice. And thank you, Shelley for hosting.

    1. Lisa K--Caprice is my alter ego, so I know her really well! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Enjoyed the book and this interview. Kismet sounds like your typical small Pennsylvania town - just like the one I grew up in :)

    1. kmt--It's great to write about where I grew up. It's like going home again.

  4. Lisa K--Caprice is my alter ego--that's why I know her so well.

    Kmt--it's great going back to my home town territory!

  5. I always look forward to a new Karen Rose Smith book!


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