Saturday, June 28, 2014

Book Trivia- E.j Copperman

I am so thrilled to have E.j. Copperman hosting book trivia today! The prize is a fantastic tote bag!Answer the questions to be entered in!

Here we go! Good Luck!! 

1. What are the names of the two “house ghosts” in the Haunted Guesthouse series?

2. Where does Alison Kerby live (town and state, please)?

3. In THE THRILL OF THE HAUNT, where is Everett (the homeless man) murdered?

4. Why won’t Lieutenant McElone walk into Alison’s house?

5. Who is Melissa’s (Alison’s daughter) best friend?

And the prize is:


  1. 1-Paul and Maxie. 2-Harbor Haven New Jersey 3-mens room at fuel pit gas station 4-she's afraid of ghosts 5-Wendy

  2. Paul and Maxie
    Harbor Haven, New Jersey
    She afraid of ghosts

  3. Looks like Dawn Frazier got all the answers. For #5 Maxie thinks she's Melissa's best friend, though, (alternately). Lieutenant McElone would probably admit to feeling bad vibes coming from Alison's house, but afraid, well, maybe.Great series!

  4. I really need to catch up on this great series. I won't repeat the above answers-I even knew some of them!

  5. Paul and Maxie, Harbor Haven, NJ, gas station bathroom, she's afraid of ghosts, Wendy and Maxie

  6. 1) Maxie & Paul
    2) Harbor Haven, New Jersey
    3 Gas station bathroom
    4) She's afraid of ghosts
    5) Wendy

  7. I KNEW I should have made the questions harder!

  8. WINNER!!!WINNER!!!! Dru Ann! CONGRATS!!!


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