Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday 56

Happy Friday!

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"Celadon grilled my daily for updates and was not to pleased with my lack of progress.She had wanted to see an engagement ring on my finger on Christmas day and had not spoken six words to me until New Year's when one hadn't materialized."

Maple Mayhem (Sugar Grove Series #2)


  1. Oh wow, someone's obsessed with the narrator getting married! I hope this potential marriage doesn't get destroyed by an untimely murder! Thanks for sharing :) I hope you have a great weekend!
    My Friday post
    Juli @ Universe in Words

  2. Pancakes, a maybe engagement at some point, and a murder that may have or is about to happen. How can you go wrong with a book like this!

  3. So, why does Celadon care if the narrator gets engaged? I'd have to read on to find out. Happy reading!

  4. She's pretty serious about that ring. i've seen this cozy on other blogs. Would like to read it. Enjoy.

  5. Sounds like Celadon needs to get a life of her own and quit focusing on someone else's. LOVE cozy mysteries and this sounds like a good one.
    Here's my Friday post: MURDER ON ASTOR PLACE.

  6. This sounds like a fun cozy with a new concept! I love the excerpt. You can almost feel the narrator rolling her eyes. Will definitely have to try this out.

  7. This does sound interesting, and definitely something I'd like to read.

  8. Caledon sounds like an irritating sort. :-)

    Happy weekend!

  9. I just read the first book this week (and featured it in my own post), so this is quite an interesting tease. Glad I have the second in the series so I can read and find out what happens soon myself.

  10. Pushy much geez >.< Why does this characters needs to be engaged?

    My BB and 56 :) 


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