Saturday, August 2, 2014

Book Trivia- hosted by John Clement

It's time for book trivia and today's host is John Clement!! Answer the questions for a chance to win signed copy of THE CAT SITTER’S NINE LIVES?

Here we go: Good Luck!! 

1. Dixie is a professional cat sitter, but she’s an equal-opportunity animal lover, so there’s no pet she won’t take care of. True or False?

2. The beloved Piker Sisters were first introduced in Book #8, THE CAT SITTER’S CRADLE. How many cats do they have? 

3. True or False: Dixie’s cat, Ella, is named after Ella Fitzgerald because of the scatting meows she likes to make.

4. In one of Dixie’s adventures, she took care of a priceless aquarium filled with rare, exotic fish. What else was inside the tank, keeping the fish company when Dixie wasn't there? 

5. Dixie lives with her brother, Paco (a special investigations agent), and his partner, Michael (a firefighter). True or False?

6. The wise and elderly Cora Mathers was introduced in the very first Dixie Hemingway mystery, CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT SITTER, and she still lives in the same seaside condo her granddaughter bought for her. What is the name of Cora's building? 

And finally, for extra credit, what is Cora's apartment number?

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  1. 1-False-she doesn't take care of snakes. 2-seven. 3-true. 4-hedgehog. 5-she lives next door to them, same proprety. 6-sarasota bayfront village

  2. I haven't read this series yet. LOL Looks like Dawn F has! Love your trivia Saturdays, Shelley!

  3. I haven't read the series but I'd love to !

  4. It has been awhile since I read her books. I see I need to reread them. I like this series very much

  5. Duh! I've read every book in this series and the best I could do was 1 I think Dixie doesn't like snakes but that could be because I just finished writing a book that includes a snake or two. But I did know about Paco and Michael living right next door. I recall bar-b-ques!

  6. 1. False - snakes
    2, Seven
    3. Three
    4.a mermaid
    5.Dixie is in a separate apt., but Michael is her brother and Paco is the agent
    6. Sarasota - Bayfront Village She's on the 6th floor and bakes chocolate bread but I cannot remember her apartment number.
    I'm really hoping to win this one! Love this series....

  7. Haven't read the series but hope to soon

    Becky Prazak

  8. Oh, It's been too long since I've read these and I haven't read any since Blaize Clement died-though I intend to do so. Let's see what my memory can do.
    1. I thought there was one animal she wouldn't take...but I thought she takes care of snakes, so I'll say True. Didn't she bring a snake to the vet? Or was that another petsitter? Maybe she just saw a snake at the vet. I know there's a snake some pet cozy! lol
    2 No Idea
    3. True-at least I'm pretty sure I remember that.
    4. I think it was a diamond. I know someone had a diamond in a fish tank-but was that Liz Lipperman? Hmmm.
    5. True. Both those guys are gorgeous and love each other. They live in the house and she in the apartment above the garage.
    6. Oh heaven's-I don't remember
    7. Extra credit. I don't remember, but I'll say 1.

    cozyupwithkathy at gmail dot com

  9. WINNER WINNER!!! Alicia is winner of this weeks trivia! CONGRATULATIONS !!

    1. Did you need my address? thank you!


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