Saturday, August 9, 2014

Book Trivia hosted by J.E. Seymour

It's time for book trivia and today's host is the Lovely J.E.  Seymour!! Answer as many as you can for a chance to win!

Here we go! Good Luck!!

1. What is the name of the state where Kevin's family lives?

2. What color is Kevin's hair, really?

3. What branch of the military did Kevin serve in?

4. What kind of car does Kevin drive?

5. What brand of cigarettes does Kevin smoke?

6. Where is the bakery where Kevin eats his breakfast at the beginning of Lead Poisoning?

7. What kind of handgun does Kevin carry?

8. What's Kevin's boss's name?

9. How many kids does Kevin have?

The prize is:

character name prize (I will name a minor character in the next book after the winner) and can send a free pdf of my short story collection.


  1. A fun prize! But I haven't read any of Joyleen's books. :-(

    1. I write as J.E. Seymour. Most of the answers to these questions are available in the excerpt of "Lead Poisoning" at my publisher's website.

  2. I haven't read any J.E. Seymour books so I can't answer any of the questions. But thought I would come and comment anyway! You did come up with some great questions to ask.

    Angie Young

  3. New Hampshire, Brown(?), Marine, Audi(?), Camel Cigarettes, Whitestone bakery, colt 1911, Charles, 2 boys..
    Marcy Maddox

  4. This is a new to me author. Love the preview that I read so far. Look forward to reading more of Joyleen's books. The answers to the trivia are:

    1. New Hampshire
    2. Blond
    3. marine
    4. Jaguar
    5. Camel
    6. Whitestone Bakery
    7. Colt 1911
    8. Charles
    9. Two sons. Michael and Andy
    Awesome giveaway!!! Fingers crossed that I win!
    scouts579 (at)aol (dot) com

  5. I think we have a winner! It looks like Stacie got them all right. Thank you for playing. I'll send you an email, Stacie

  6. YAY!! I'm so excited. Awesome news after a sleepless night. Thank you so much.


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